Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Mallie Lynn Estelle

A large part of my brain doesn’t know how to compute that my baby girl is one.  Even typing it, I hesitate and wonder if I should check the calendar to be sure.  September 25th, 2014 was one of the most beautiful days of my life.  I loved every second of giving birth to my darling girl and the memory of meeting her is etched permanently on my heart. 

Holding love and then watching it grow, that’s what it is to be your mom.  I’m not sure how a baby has the ability to teach, strengthen, challenge, calm, and swoon everyone in her life, but you have. 

 I love your ability to look like a princess while chasing bugs and digging in dirt.  You are a surprise around every corner. 
Everyone knows that children are one of God’s greatest gifts, but you came with a bonus prize.  Our challenges have glued us together and shown us a love that pushed our hearts closer to God.    I am so thrilled to be sitting at your one year mark and finally feeling that we are gaining a sense of normalcy.  Time goes by so quickly, and everyone tells you to soak up the moments with your children or you’ll blink and they’re grown.  When you add in challenges beyond the normal sleepless nights of having an infant, time increases it’s pace x 1000. 
I love you from the moment you wake up and greet us with your calm and gentle smile.  You make certain our love has grown before the clock strikes noon.  Thank you for being you, for taking any bad moment, grabbing it by the boot strap and screaming “choose happy!”  It’s your motto in life and I hope it's forever contagious. 
 Mallie Lynn Estelle, you are such a special girl.  I am so proud to be your mother and honored to be loved by you.  Every sweet rest of your head on my chest, gentle smile, vivacious laugh, and gentle reach is treasured more than diamonds.  Thank you for lighting up our world this past year.  I can only imagine what wonderful moments lie ahead. 

Forever loving you,


Thursday, September 24, 2015

First Steps.

Over the past week we have watched Mallie Lynn progress into a walking baby girl.  Moving past the stage of squats and standing on her own, she decided to start experimenting with moving her sweet legs.  First one step, then another, and another; each day gaining a little more strength, balance and a few more steps.

  It's funny, we don't become walkers over night.  It is a progression of skills all placed together, practiced, and perfected until one foot in front of the other becomes natural.  Watching her figure it all out has been so sweet and another blessed moment to experience as a parent. 
September 14th one step, two step
September 15th three step, four, five step, six step, fall to the floor.
September 16th Walking! 
For a few days I watched every time she took a step, anticipating the moment when it would all melt together.  Her first full walk across a room made both of us so proud I thought our smiles would be permanently glued to our faces. 
So that's it, on the peak of an already emotional week she decides it is no longer acceptable to just crawl around this world; walking will be her new means of conveyance.  Crawling is still visited when we want to get somewhere at thoroughbred speed, though she is already experimenting with pushing that belly out and letting momentum quicken her pace. 
Having a walker is exciting, blissful, and scary all at the same time.  I'm so happy for her to experience the world in a new way, yet it brings a bit of sadness in this dramatic mama's mind knowing it's her first push towards an independent self.  She has already proven she will go at life full force, with only a few days into walking and already sporting a scabbed up nose and mouth from a fight with the concrete.  Love my rough and tumbly girl. 
 The emotions surrounding her birthday and all that this year has encapsulated are running high.  From her first days of life, I felt that I knew her, more than the "I carried you 9 months know you", No, I could tell from the beginning, this girl has the fire of a volcano, yet the calm of a December sea.  She is happy entertaining herself or being the life of the party.  She is sensitive and empathetic, yet tough and strong willed.  Baby girl, you will captivate this world like no other.
 This week, with the realization of  O  N   E quickly approaching you have let me know that you understand me too.  In all the exploration and independence of becoming a walker I expected you would crawl out of my lap quicker than usual.  Instead you have felt my needs, and filled them.  You've given more hugs, cuddles, lean ins, and arm held snoozes than the norm, and I am forever grateful. 
Right now in this moment of our life I will cherish every moment you excepts the idea of holding my hand to get somewhere a little quicker, and a little more steady.  This hand will always be here for you darling girl, all you have to do is reach up and grab it.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer Slide Show

Summer days of splishing, splashing, running, golfing, pirating, getting dirty, riding bikes, and finding ways to make fun in unexpected places.  A little look at the last part of summer as it slides past quicker than it arrived. 

Pool fun with friends.
Soaking in moments when I can watch my babies sleep.
Enjoying a laugh with Granny.
Goodness she looks so big!
A few games of catch were thrown with Pepaw.
This sweet thing started taking big girl baths and ruling the tub!

A little time at the children's garden, sweaty, playing in mud, and getting wet. 

Stealing Henry away to go watch The Wizard of Oz at the children's theater.  Little did we know we'd be listening to the music for months afterward because he loved it so!
She found her inner musician and showed us she can dance.
ML loved any trip to the park to visit the swings.
They learned to play together. 
There were sea-doo rides with Pop.
Oh we love this sleepy head!

Outdoor hair trims.  :)

Kisses from Dada.
Bike rides to the pool.
Polo in the park with great friends. 

 Grandparent visits are the best.

Lots of golf watching.

Movie night cuddles, and his favorite treat.

 This timid boy was finally talked into trying out the slide.  He can check it off his list but didn't think it was worth doing it again.  :)
We love our time with cousins!

Sweet time with Aunty S!
Time spent winning over Gran and Pops.

Henry experienced his first art fair corndog. 
Morning walks with the princess while her brother spends time with Pops at the course.
We dressed like pirates, and made chicken tails out of toilet paper.......Oh Henry!

 We worked on our golf game.
Our prince captured his first frog.

Our princess played with petals.

This summer has flown by but we packed so much fun into it all.  My babies are getting more adorable and full of life and it's all I can do to soak up every sweet moment with them.  I'm looking forward to the next season of fun and festivities with these two little sweethearts.