Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Mallie Lynn Estelle

A large part of my brain doesn’t know how to compute that my baby girl is one.  Even typing it, I hesitate and wonder if I should check the calendar to be sure.  September 25th, 2014 was one of the most beautiful days of my life.  I loved every second of giving birth to my darling girl and the memory of meeting her is etched permanently on my heart. 

Holding love and then watching it grow, that’s what it is to be your mom.  I’m not sure how a baby has the ability to teach, strengthen, challenge, calm, and swoon everyone in her life, but you have. 

 I love your ability to look like a princess while chasing bugs and digging in dirt.  You are a surprise around every corner. 
Everyone knows that children are one of God’s greatest gifts, but you came with a bonus prize.  Our challenges have glued us together and shown us a love that pushed our hearts closer to God.    I am so thrilled to be sitting at your one year mark and finally feeling that we are gaining a sense of normalcy.  Time goes by so quickly, and everyone tells you to soak up the moments with your children or you’ll blink and they’re grown.  When you add in challenges beyond the normal sleepless nights of having an infant, time increases it’s pace x 1000. 
I love you from the moment you wake up and greet us with your calm and gentle smile.  You make certain our love has grown before the clock strikes noon.  Thank you for being you, for taking any bad moment, grabbing it by the boot strap and screaming “choose happy!”  It’s your motto in life and I hope it's forever contagious. 
 Mallie Lynn Estelle, you are such a special girl.  I am so proud to be your mother and honored to be loved by you.  Every sweet rest of your head on my chest, gentle smile, vivacious laugh, and gentle reach is treasured more than diamonds.  Thank you for lighting up our world this past year.  I can only imagine what wonderful moments lie ahead. 

Forever loving you,


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