Monday, October 5, 2015

Her big day.

The big day came quicker than we could have imagined.  Since becoming a mother three and a half years ago I have seen the hours of time fly by the front of my face like wings of a 747 through the clouds.  A moment or milestone is in your peripheral one second and filed away in our minds memory vault the next.  Adding a second child to our life has given us even more sweetness to measure time by.  
Her big day began in a beautiful way, sleeping in; so much so that we awoke her with singing Happy Birthday at precisely 8:54am.   She is a delight from the moment her eyes open every day, and her birthday was no different. 
 Mommy got a bit emotional at the thought of your perfect arrival a year before this moment. 
 We whisked her outside in her pj's to give her birthday gift a try.  She loves visiting the park to swing and is all smiles with that wind in her hair.  So Nanny and Pop added a swingset to our yard and we found the perfect seat for our little princess to sit in. 
 I think her favorite gift was purely God given as she continued experimenting with her new found freedom.  

The most touching moment of our day was accompanied by a lit candle as we mashed up a banana, placed it in a bowl, and lit a tiny stick of celebration.  We've come a long way this year.  And while the tiniest part of my heart was sad to not be able to give her a big beautiful cake, the rest of me was so thankful.  We journeyed through FPIES to get here, and in this moment we have a happy, healthy, joyful daughter who magically turned one and is able to enjoy banana and begins the road of food trials to enjoy even more of what this world has to offer. 
To end her big day we filled up the jacuzzi and let her swim.  This girl loves to splish, splash!

 We love you darling girl.  I pray for many more splashes, swings, and birthday candles in our future. You are such a delight.  

I've had several inquiries about where we purchased this swing.  I originally found it on Etsy through two different wood working shops.  Greenwood LT and The Wooden Horse
After inquiring about them I soon found out I didn't have time to wait for these hand made beauties to be shipped from far away.  I was about to order one and wait for it to come in later than her actual birthday when I found it on my favorite place on earth Amazon.  ($30 cheaper and amazon prime)  yes please!  We painted it with an outdoor latex paint and are so happy with this whimsical piece!

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