Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Tea Party for our Princess

We were blessed to celebrate sweet Mallie Lynn’s 1st birthday with the people who love her most dearly.  There was more to celebrate for her than the norm as we look back on all this past year has brought.  We are enjoying our time with the happy, healthy, life loving little girl that she is and adore watching her truly celebrate each day! 

As we began planning her party we made the decision to make the day truly about her.  The theme, a tea party and we served several different types of drinks, but no food.  We felt it should be the one day we didn’t have to worry about her picking up crumbs, touching unwashed hands, or wanting what someone else was eating.  A gathering where FPIES and food was not on our mind was what this princess needed.  When I first started planning her party I worried that people would feel strange without food or cupcakes at a party.  Turns out it was just as sweet as serving three hundred pounds of sugary treats.  We invited a small number of close knit family and friends and were so happy to enjoy time with them all. 


 I enjoyed creating a tea party setting for the birthday girl and her guests.  This would also be a fun party theme to revisit as her and her girlfriends get a bit older, serving tea and little cakes and sandwiches.  I decided to display one of her gifts because they were just too cute!  The little custom peg dolls fit right in with the party theme.  I made a few teapot cookies for guests to take home as a party favor too.  We so appreciate everyone who came to celebrate with us!

She wore a vintage outfit that was once mine as a little baby girl.  It was a sentimental touch I loved and she sure wore it better than I ever could!!!

At the time of her birthday she had finally gained a safe food, but it is hard to make a cake out of just a banana.  We thought she deserved to have a cute cake to play with just like any other one year old and went with a felt cake made CrisandCrafts . As we surrounded her with the tune “Happy Birthday” I felt my eyes surge with emotions and hopes that someday soon we will watch her lick icing off her fingers while covered head to toe in some yummy treat.  She quickly tore her little cake a part and her and Henry have enjoyed using it during pretend play many times since then. 


The little princess did a lot of her signature nose crinkinling towards the beginning of the day; a bit overwhelmed to wake up from her nap to a house full of guests.  Once she warmed up she couldn’t be stopped as she grinned, walked, swung, peek a bood, danced and charmed her way through the party! 

I ordered fabric cupcakes, cookies, and tea bags to go with the vintage mini tea sets.  The kiddos had fun pretending to gobble them up and no one went home with messy clothes.  She has continued to play with them and can be found running around the house with a piece of cake or removable candle in her mouth on any given day.  

 Forever my baby girl, but now loving life as an official one year old.  On the day she was born I remember holding her and watching the most magnificent sunset from my window.   A year later God closed the day in the exact same way.  Our sweet girl was so worn out from her party that we found her sleeping in her little cocoon sitting straight up in bed.  I think we can say it was a successful day!

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