Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Boy

I have a little boy I call my baby boy, because that's what he will always be.  The truth is, he looks and acts like a boy now far more than a baby.  He keeps me busy with conversation, play, laughs, and activities from the moment my eyes open till the time my head meets the pillow again.  He is sweet and caring, dramatic and imaginative, intelligent and funny and oh so loved.  

It's been a big year for this guy as he learned how to adjust to his new role as big brother.  He has been patient and understanding on so many levels, and Mallie Lynn knows it.   She adores him like no other and could spot him in a crowd of five thousand.  She watches his every move and wants to mimic, hug, and laugh with him every second she gets.  
This past month has been particularly difficult for our sweet prince to handle with all the attention and talk surrounding our one year old birthday girl.  We have seen cries out for attention in more ways than one and have wiped tears, taken time outs, and been escorted back to bed on more than a few occasions.  The phrases "be gentle", "don't play so rough", "she had that first", and let her have it", have become all to familiar in our house.  Just when I think you are testing me, I'm reminded that while you're finding independence in more ways each day you are still reliant on me for so much in this world.  So while we try to train you up in the ways you will go I try to soak up every moment I get with you.    It's the greatest gift to be a mom, but being yours.......well that's the stuff dreams are made of.  

 You are such a big boy in school, backpacks, cubbies, gym class and all.  I love the way you soak up every bit of the world around you, absorbing it into that glorious mind of yours.  Lately you have taught me a lot about life.  Seeing the world through your eyes makes me appreciate life's little gifts.  There is an immeasurable amount of excitement you get when getting to choose the "orange center" and dress up at school, or given a treat of any sort, a bowl of popcorn, or most especially, a piece of gum.  All this excitement is kinda contagious, and it makes this momma love to celebrate the small too.  

 Thank you for being you.
I love watching you grow sweet boy.  

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