Friday, October 30, 2015

A pumpkin with a purpose. #tealpumpkinproject

 Hooray, hooray!  Halloween is here!  A time for dressing up, playing pretend, being a kid, screaming trick or treat and getting candy.   Which is AWESOME!!!!!!!


You're one of many kiddos today with food allergies.  Which in that case means you either can't stand trick or treating or you really learn a lesson in sharing as you dump out every treat you can't eat and give to someone else.  
Thankfully there's the Teal Pumpkin project which let's families know that you're offering tasty treats as well as food allergy friendly options like bubbles, stickers, pencils, or glow sticks.  
Here's the easy way to participate:

Print out a Teal Pumpkin sign here
 Hang it on your door and hit up your nearest Dollar Tree or Target $1 bin section and grab some goodies!  Can't think of one single treat that isn't candy?  Click here for more ideas.  I spent less on "non-food" treats than I did the huge bag of candy I purchased so it really is doable for anyone!  

 Since our little punkin' princess has shown us a whole new world of empathy in regards to food allergies with FPIES we are so very thankful that something like this exists.  Our little Henry is not too interested in art projects these days but once I got him out there with a paint brush in hand I was pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed it.  I painted about 1/8th of our big pumpkin while he did the rest, and I'm happy he knows that he is one lucky boy to have the privilege to enjoy this holiday without any restrictions.  

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