Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mattress Mayhem

B and I have been in need of a new mattress for quite some time now. 
We had both been avoiding that chore like the plague for two reasons:
#1  You can't get a good one for less than a million dollars (ok maybe I'm exageratting)
#2  It sounded worse than going to shop for cars. 

We both realized we knew nothing about mattresses and that upon entering the store we would be inundated with 2,000 choices that the salesperson would inevitably make us feel like our life depended on. 
I was 100% sure that I would want to test them out by jumping on all of them. (which is surprisingly frowned upon in these places)

So last week we put on our war paint and entered the abyss of matress matrimony.  As we walked down the aisles of the store I felt clammy and stressed. 

Do we want memory foam or spring? Soft or Firm? 10 yr or 20yr warranty?  Synthetic or all natural? 

Surprisingly we came to a decision rather quickly.  After a few awkward moments of laying on a bed together in the middle of a store, we decided we wanted memory foam.  We ended up going with a company out of California called EcoSense made with 100% natural plant based products and replaces the amount of petroleum often found in matresses.  It does not have that "memory foam smell" that many such as Tempurpedic seem to carry.  I love that it is made right here in the USA too!

The first night of sleeping on it I was convinced I had gained an extra 200lbs as I sank down into the mattress slowly.  Soon the contour shape quickly enveloped me into a sleeping coma.  I can't feel B shaking his leg under the covers as much, nor can I feel Kman as he readjusts himself, flipping and flopping throughout the night.  

All and all I'd say we had a good experience.  I am no longer afraid of mattress shopping, and you shouldn't be either.  Hmmmm it's only 6:30 but I may just go put my p.j.'s on right now. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wannado Wednesday

courtesty pinterest

Remember my Wannado list last week and link up party?  Well for my what I've learned since last Wednesday, let me reflect on that list.  
I learned that most of the time I'm more ambitious than a fat kid plating up at a dessert bar.  
Out of the cleaning list, the floors got swept, bathrooms cleaned, but the kitchen wasn't mopped and my baseboards weren't touched.
The office was hardly organized other than Barry filing and shredding papers.  Fail for me.
I did happily finish all five chapters in Luke and was able to absorb this past Sunday's sermon with great knowledge.
I feel I did brighten someone's day who needed a pick me up.  (but since it was in a secret way I'll not say how it happened)  :)  

It's great to make goals, and it's wonderful to check them off.  
But what I have to learn is that to check off tasks, I have to quit continuously adding to that list. 
Stick to one thing and then move on.  
So this week I'm trying to slow down, and focus on the simple tasks.  
Maybe my list should look like this:
Or even better THIS:

How do you manage your life lists?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Witchcraft in the Doctor's Office

Today was weird.

My mother-in-law and I spoke on the phone today.  One of the first questions out of her mouth was, "So, how is the baby?" 
I paused.
I paused.
I paused. 
What?  (OH she means Noah!)  :)  Me: "Oh He's ggrrreeeaatttt."
 Whew My heart almost dropped out of my chest and onto New Circle road!
I called my Dr.'s office at 8:00am hoping I'd get an appointment today.  
OH NEXT Thursday?  Sure, that works perfect.  A week and a half no big deal!  I'll just sit around and knit a sweater till then.
However she did make a prediction.

Nurses assistant:  When was the first day of your last blah, blah, blah......Oh ok well your 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  
Me: Really?  What kind of mystical phone do you have in that office, that you can make these predictions? 
Nurses assistant:  Oh we calculate your due date this way but will get a few days more accurate with an ultra sound.
Me:  Sounds like witch craft.

I found out I can't take benadryl, sudafed, or my allergy injections.  So stuffy nose and all that loveliness is here to stay.  Only it is accompanied by a really tired girl who happens to feel nauseous/hungry constantly.    I'm not complaining.  Don't get me wrong.  It's making it sink in though.  I am pregnant.  We are going to have a baby.  And now it's hard not to be excited.  
Tonight we looked on a website that tells the baby's progress at this stage in the game (grant it we're going on the witchcraft phone predictions). 
Apparently the valves of the heart are forming and beginning to beat, and the thought of that makes me want to cry.  Two hearts in my body?  Really, God?  You stop with all this amazement,  I'm not through the first trimester and my brain might just explode with all this awesomeness! 

Airing things out.

*Small disclaimer:  I may or may not have been concealing pure joy in the original post as Barry and I had just learned 12 hours before that we were pregnant.  3 pregnancy tests later we found ourselves walking around the art fair, refusing to drink beer and shopping for prints for a nursery. Joy.

This past weekend was one that involved being flexible.  I continued to build tissue castles and sneeze a couple pigs houses down.  The trip to the lake with my cousin Wes and his wife Melissa couldn't happen for fear of all things outdoors attacking me further.  
So we stayed in Lex. 
I then thought Oh!  Maybe we can go visit baby Noah for the day!!!! Excitement occurs.  
Ah Yes but pause that.  Because Baby's can't be around sinus infections, something about they don't like germs yet?  (Come on babies, grow up! )  :)  

So the weekend was mainly spent doing something I never do.  Rest.
We had beautiful weather but I watched it from the comfort of my air conditioned house with my air purifier close to the nose.  :)  
We did venture out for a few hours for the Woodland Art Fair.  We ran into several friends, dogs, and babies.  We ended up toting home the cool pieces of art, and two bellies filled with crepes, bbq and gelato.  All and all not so bad!  :)
On our way we passed the church where we were married and felt the need for a pic.  :)

I found these lovely ladies. :)

Lil' Baby Harper was staying cool in the shade.  :)

Loved running into friends!  :)

 Leaving we decided to take a picture in front of the house where we did all our wedding photos.  The last time I took a picture here I had the prettiest dress in the world on standing next to this stud in a tux.  :)

Sunday we headed to church and then met up with the lovely lil' Randolph clan for an impromptu lunch.  It was great to catch up with them and see how Woods is growing!  He's such a precious baby!  The rest of the day may have included a nap, but it was topped with B getting to play 9 with his dad and me wrestling my snotty nose over to Barre Amped studio for my second round of advanced classes.  Needless to say bedtime came early last night so that Monday and all it's fabulousness could be tackled with a little more ease.  :)  

How was your weekend? 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Allergy Prison

Oh lovely August days.  With no humidity on Wednesday night we thought it would be a great evening for a little hammock time and a bike ride.  This was a genius idea right?  

Well if you are allergic to everything that grows outside and take 4 shots a week for it, let me just go ahead and say, August is not your friend.  Do not play in it's loveliness, do not be enticed by the last of the warmth, if bike ride ensues please pack a mask to go with your helmet for ultimate safety.  

Because if you don't.  Your sneezes begin 30 min later, followed by a stinging throat, and oh yes turn on the faucet in your nasal passage.  You might not sleep that night.  You might go through an entire box of kleenex.

And you might spend the next afternoon creating an art sculpture, tissue castle.  

And that tissue castle will inevitably be destroyed, when you get up for water.  By a sick puppy who likes to eat paper.  

Beware my fellow allergy sufferers.  August is rough in KY.  

I'm thinking our weekend of camping fun is not going to happen.  Maybe we will blow up our new air mattress, pop that tent, and sleep in the basement? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I've Learned Wednesday

Since last Wednesday I have learned:

  1. That August sun takes longer to cook sun tea.
  2. Try to keep complaints big and small to yourself.  What is your pit might be someone else's peak so keep looking up.
  3. My uncle's carrot cake could when a world wide baking contest.
  4. Even if you work out holding a 7.8lb baby for two hours can make your arms tired. 
  5. My brother in law is a more fabulous dad than once known.  (changing newborn baby diapers like a pro!)
  6. Toe cramps can attack at random while working out, and they are more painful than one would think.  :)
  7. Making something from scratch never gets old
  8. I need to pray without ceasing for many hurting friends and loved ones. 
  9. Keightley might need his dosage upped on his "doggie downers", aka. "dog prozac", or "anti-anxiety medication".

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Godson is born!

Yesterday morning my sister Katie gave birth to her second child, and our first boy in the family, Noah Allen Burton.  He arrived around 8:30 healthy as could be weighing 7lbs 8oz and 19 inches long.  Mom and Dad had Elise at the hospital to meet her new baby brother.  Sarah was there as well along with Lucas's family.
I recieved pictures and email updates all throughout the day and bolted out of school as soon as I could to meet the precious little fellow.
He is far more precious than my pictures show.  I am so happy for Lucas and Katie to have this little bundle of joy.  God has blessed Elise with the opportunity to be an amazing big sister.  I love dirty, rotten little boys and can't wait to spend more time with him.  :)  Welcome to the world Noah!
The family is all together.

Mom holding her first grandson.

Dad holding his first grandson.

Katie in her cutie gown!

The new Big sis Elise, at Mom and Dad's trying on Mom's wedges.  :)

Meanwhile.........  Barry decided to take one for the team and go to the Legends basketball game as John Calipari coached the Dominican team and Joe B. Hall coached the Wildcats Pros.  He went to the game with Wes and Terry and had a absolute blast seeing all the Kentucky superheroes of yesteryear. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wannado List

What do you wanna do this week?

This week I'm joining a link party at Wannabe.

What I wanna do this week is clean all rooms in the house (ya know the normal stuff people do like sweep up the dust bunnies, scrub the toilets and baseboards, and mop the kitchen floor)  It's so overrated right?  

I also wanna organize our office.  (trust me if you saw the unorganization currently residing there you would understand how ambitious this task is)
Picture something like this (minus the hideous rug)

I wanna read a chapter a day from Luke as we start a new lesson in our church.

I wanna brighten someone's day in a secret way.

So wish me luck.  Because on top of my Wannado's I am working every day, starting my last semester of grad school, visiting my new nephew Noah (who will be born today), going to work out at BarreAmped at least three times, and packing for a weekend trip.  WHew!  I think I'll get going. 

So join the Wannado link party.  Take on the challenge!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little Miss Momma featured

Yes I am so stoked.  You probably saw my headband post last week.  I have had so much fun with them since and have had several people asking me to make some for them.  Score!!!!

I was absolutely thrilled to see LMM's post about featuring our headbands from the challenge, and then to see my picture and link up there!!!!!!  .  I guess others like my headband styles too!  :)  This makes me smile.    Thanks LMM for a fun idea!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Day of School

The first day of school has taken on several different roles in my life.  The prep work has remained consistently the same.  By new school crayons, notebooks, and pencils, pick out the first day outfit, pack my lunch and get nervous.  

As a child my first day would always begin with a picture by the big rock in our side yard that would measure our growth from one grade to the next.
This is me and the rock, entering 1st grade.  :)

Mom, or Mom and Dad would then drive us to school to walk us into class.  (This was the part that required teachers to have a box of Kleenex ready for my Mom, as it became well known that the first day brought tears).  :) (how sweet!)  I was always nervous, and tended to be a pretty shy kid until I got warmed up to people.  The day would roll on, I would learn where my cubby was, what the new kids name was, and learn where everyone went over the summer.  Soon enough the day would be over and I would be at home with Mom, Dad, my sisters, and a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, as was the Miller first day of school tradition. 

23 years later, and not much has changed.  I now have to pack my own lunch, pick out my own outfit, and I've replaced chocolate chip cookies with a good glass of red wine.   Yes my attitude some how has shifted to

The funny thing is since age 5 I haven't had a year where the month of August didn't mean going back to school.  It's a youthful dread, and excitement that a teacher will never escape.  :)

Summer ending is always sad.  But the dread quickly faded for me Thursday morning with the return of my sweet kids faces.  I love hearing what they've been up to and seeing them actually delighted to return to school.
However I love the pool and time off too so........
Let the countdown begin.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I've Learned Wednesday

Since last Wednesday I have learned:

  1. Chipmunks are not all like Alvin.  Some eat all your tomatoes and you wish great harm upon them.  
  2. Sometimes God tests us.  As in multiple tests.  ( I picture Jackie Chan fighting the abominable snowman).
  3. My favorite show on television,Rubicon was canceled.
  4. A cup of milk has more protein than a hard boiled egg.  
  5. How to make a headband.
  6. Pushing yourself physically can make you grow mentally.
  7. I love the Mob week on AMC.
  8. Hot glue can rip off your skin.
  9. Going back to school isn't any easier at 28 than it is when your 11. 
What have you learned lately?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update

In the past few days I have made a real effort to not think about what is coming this week.  (the dreaded first day of school!)
B and I have filled our time with family and friends and just enjoying our house too.

Mom and Dad came up for dinner since I didn't get to see them on my birthday.  It was a wonderful visit and was much needed.
Saturday night we had the pleasure of celebrating the upcoming wedding of Ryan and Whitney.  They are our friends who live out in San Francisco, so it was a total treat to be able to see them.  Their theme was cowboy and city girl and they couldn't have looked cuter!
The beautiful bride to be eating her fabulously pink cupcakes!

It was also a great opportunity for us to see many of our friends from Louisville and Bowling Green that we rarely get to visit with.  We had a blast catching up with everyone.  We are really looking forward to seeing them again soon in just a few weeks as we all head out west for Win and Liz's wedding.  :)
Their first event without Callan.  :)  They are both just too happy to have them in their life.  :)  So precious!

Adorably L

The Bachman girls were in attendance and loved being held by everyone.  I can't believe how big they have gotten!  Such a precious thing to see!  :)

photo courtesy. Two Scoops for Me.