Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Day of School

The first day of school has taken on several different roles in my life.  The prep work has remained consistently the same.  By new school crayons, notebooks, and pencils, pick out the first day outfit, pack my lunch and get nervous.  

As a child my first day would always begin with a picture by the big rock in our side yard that would measure our growth from one grade to the next.
This is me and the rock, entering 1st grade.  :)

Mom, or Mom and Dad would then drive us to school to walk us into class.  (This was the part that required teachers to have a box of Kleenex ready for my Mom, as it became well known that the first day brought tears).  :) (how sweet!)  I was always nervous, and tended to be a pretty shy kid until I got warmed up to people.  The day would roll on, I would learn where my cubby was, what the new kids name was, and learn where everyone went over the summer.  Soon enough the day would be over and I would be at home with Mom, Dad, my sisters, and a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, as was the Miller first day of school tradition. 

23 years later, and not much has changed.  I now have to pack my own lunch, pick out my own outfit, and I've replaced chocolate chip cookies with a good glass of red wine.   Yes my attitude some how has shifted to

The funny thing is since age 5 I haven't had a year where the month of August didn't mean going back to school.  It's a youthful dread, and excitement that a teacher will never escape.  :)

Summer ending is always sad.  But the dread quickly faded for me Thursday morning with the return of my sweet kids faces.  I love hearing what they've been up to and seeing them actually delighted to return to school.
However I love the pool and time off too so........
Let the countdown begin.

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