Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Weekend to Celebrate

I absolutely 100% adore birthdays!  Not just mine, but any birthday.  Any reason to celebrate someone is always a fun time to me! 
This weekend was a special weekend of birthday extravaganzas because my birthday falls on the 30th and my mother in laws is on the 31st, which equals two days of cake, candles, cheersing, and food.  :) 

My morning began with my favorite birthday tradition, streamers!  My parents always had streamers waiting outside my bedroom door and it was a great way to start the festivities.  Barry has sweetly carried on that tradition and I absolutely love it.  Beyond the streamers B had chocolate doughnuts with a candle, and my birthday lovelies waiting.  :)  He's too good!

For my birthday we had a great dinner at Regatta with wonderful friends and family.  My sweet friend Ali offered to make my birthday cake and have everyone back to their house afterward.  Not only did she make a delicious chocolate chip cake but a key lime pie to boot!  Hello Happiness!  I hope I'm that ambitious with a newborn someday!  :)  
Ali and sweet Woods dressed for the Boathouse

Brian and sweet little Harper.

Woods fast asleep.

Sweet Sista!

It was a perfect evening to be outside and I enjoyed every minute of it!  I have been blessed beyond belief with a wonderful set of friends and a family who lives close.  There are many things to be thankful for every day but I am especially gracious today.

For Karen's birthday we headed out to Jean Ferris for a delicious brunch.  It was a perfect setting for celebrating as usual.  Don had picked up a delicious cake from Magees Bakery and we all stuffed ourselves silly back at their house.  We enjoyed a lazy afternoon of relaxing and celebrating the lovely lady of the day!

What a fantastic weekend of fun! 


  1. And the Regatta and cake ;) Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!

  2. Glad it was a great night with friends! I love Regatta, too!