Friday, August 5, 2011

Flower Headbands-If you can't buy em', Make em'

Last week Little Miss Momma (my favorite blogger in blogland) asked her readers to join her in a headband challenge.  I of course jumped at the challenge, through this process I have had quite the headband revelation!

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What? this isn't super cool either?  Geez!
I discovered immediately that the headbands I own (and never wear unless I'm at home, in a closet, or washing my face) are antiquated.  
What you don't think this looks good?  

LMM had examples of herself and others in the world adorning these beautiful headbands and wearing them well.    Like this:
Posted on LMM from Just.Lovely.Things

Any time I've seen people in my neck of the woods sporting these types of headbands they have been unable to walk or feed themselves.  
photo courtesy of womens hair styles

So a double challenge occurred:  A. Wear cute headbands.
                                                                          B. Where to find cute headbands?  
Well of course I could find a million on Etsy, but they would never have shipped on time.  So I went to all our local boutiques asking if they had any...." Um you mean like a baby headband?"  No I mean like the super cool girl headbands silly!  Goodness!  (I think I could teach them a thing or two)

So I did the only thing I could do.....I wore the only cute headband I owned
 P.S. Taking pictures of yourself is harder than it looks.  Props to all you bloggers out there loving yourself with your cameras.  
A. It makes you feel weird.
B. It makes you look a little self absorbed.
C. It's inevitable that you will snap 40 pics to find one you can live with.  :)

I purchased the only cute headband I could find in this town.  At The Black Market. 

And I made the rest.    GO ME!  Maybe these stores around town should purchase some from me?

Oh and did you know that dog's can wear headbands too???


  1. You arr the cutest thing ever!!! Seriously!

  2. Super cute headbands and adorable styling with those great outfits! Glad we could share in our love of headbands this week with LMM! ~Bri~ :)

  3. Way to go on making you own!! They turned out really cute!

  4. You look great! I need me some headbands!!

  5. Your headbands look great, E! I want one :)

  6. Those headbands are super cute..
    super funny we have the same background. On my blog the very top still has you know how to remove that.
    I am actually having a super cute hair accessory giveaway now at my blog. make sure to enter for your chance to win.

  7. Elizabeth -- you are great!! Haha, thanks for openly admitting the awkwardness of a self-portrait. I feel your pain. Your headbands and photos are great! Way to go! And... you should definitely sell those bad boys.

  8. Your headbands look awesome! I wish I could whip some up like that :)

  9. THEY LOOK SO CUTE!!! love it! following you now :)
    thanks so much for the kind words on my blog!!! have a great weekend!!!!!


  10. I LOVE these!! You did an awesome job making them! You should totally open up an etsy shop!!

  11. they look lovely!! love the last few pics!!
    xox dana

  12. They are awesome!! You did great and they look amazing on you. Go you!!

  13. Oh my gosh, you are gorgeous and so funny! Great post, loved it!:) I clicked the thumbs up for you! :)
    Oh & Its so true about having to take SO many pics just to get a few good ones! You did great though.

    p.s. Im number 54 on the link up if you wanna check out my post! :P

  14. Very Cute! Found you through the Link Party! =)

  15. OMG! First of all you're so pretty! <3
    Second of all you are one talented head band maker! They're super cute and pretty!! I love em all! And yes you should sell em ;)

    I'm your newest follower!
    Can't wait to get to know you! :)

    (psst.. I'm having lots of giveaways atm.. stop by ;) )

  16. Very pretty! {Both you and the headbands} I especially love the lace one with the purple rosettes and the pears. I would buy it!