Monday, August 22, 2011

Airing things out.

*Small disclaimer:  I may or may not have been concealing pure joy in the original post as Barry and I had just learned 12 hours before that we were pregnant.  3 pregnancy tests later we found ourselves walking around the art fair, refusing to drink beer and shopping for prints for a nursery. Joy.

This past weekend was one that involved being flexible.  I continued to build tissue castles and sneeze a couple pigs houses down.  The trip to the lake with my cousin Wes and his wife Melissa couldn't happen for fear of all things outdoors attacking me further.  
So we stayed in Lex. 
I then thought Oh!  Maybe we can go visit baby Noah for the day!!!! Excitement occurs.  
Ah Yes but pause that.  Because Baby's can't be around sinus infections, something about they don't like germs yet?  (Come on babies, grow up! )  :)  

So the weekend was mainly spent doing something I never do.  Rest.
We had beautiful weather but I watched it from the comfort of my air conditioned house with my air purifier close to the nose.  :)  
We did venture out for a few hours for the Woodland Art Fair.  We ran into several friends, dogs, and babies.  We ended up toting home the cool pieces of art, and two bellies filled with crepes, bbq and gelato.  All and all not so bad!  :)
On our way we passed the church where we were married and felt the need for a pic.  :)

I found these lovely ladies. :)

Lil' Baby Harper was staying cool in the shade.  :)

Loved running into friends!  :)

 Leaving we decided to take a picture in front of the house where we did all our wedding photos.  The last time I took a picture here I had the prettiest dress in the world on standing next to this stud in a tux.  :)

Sunday we headed to church and then met up with the lovely lil' Randolph clan for an impromptu lunch.  It was great to catch up with them and see how Woods is growing!  He's such a precious baby!  The rest of the day may have included a nap, but it was topped with B getting to play 9 with his dad and me wrestling my snotty nose over to Barre Amped studio for my second round of advanced classes.  Needless to say bedtime came early last night so that Monday and all it's fabulousness could be tackled with a little more ease.  :)  

How was your weekend? 

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  1. Get that snotty nose under control! Noah needs to see his Godfather!