Friday, August 19, 2011

Allergy Prison

Oh lovely August days.  With no humidity on Wednesday night we thought it would be a great evening for a little hammock time and a bike ride.  This was a genius idea right?  

Well if you are allergic to everything that grows outside and take 4 shots a week for it, let me just go ahead and say, August is not your friend.  Do not play in it's loveliness, do not be enticed by the last of the warmth, if bike ride ensues please pack a mask to go with your helmet for ultimate safety.  

Because if you don't.  Your sneezes begin 30 min later, followed by a stinging throat, and oh yes turn on the faucet in your nasal passage.  You might not sleep that night.  You might go through an entire box of kleenex.

And you might spend the next afternoon creating an art sculpture, tissue castle.  

And that tissue castle will inevitably be destroyed, when you get up for water.  By a sick puppy who likes to eat paper.  

Beware my fellow allergy sufferers.  August is rough in KY.  

I'm thinking our weekend of camping fun is not going to happen.  Maybe we will blow up our new air mattress, pop that tent, and sleep in the basement? 


  1. Whoa, and here I was liking August. Demon! Luring you out jut to slay you and enslave your children. Or you sinus cavity. Same thing.

    And it appears your puppy is a traitor. Siding with August to destroy the snot castle. Win the dog back. You'll need allies.

  2. Aw! You couldn't have your allergies shots here either could you? You knew you were pregnant at this time..just no one else did! Noah was only 4 days old!