Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wannado Wednesday

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Remember my Wannado list last week and link up party?  Well for my what I've learned since last Wednesday, let me reflect on that list.  
I learned that most of the time I'm more ambitious than a fat kid plating up at a dessert bar.  
Out of the cleaning list, the floors got swept, bathrooms cleaned, but the kitchen wasn't mopped and my baseboards weren't touched.
The office was hardly organized other than Barry filing and shredding papers.  Fail for me.
I did happily finish all five chapters in Luke and was able to absorb this past Sunday's sermon with great knowledge.
I feel I did brighten someone's day who needed a pick me up.  (but since it was in a secret way I'll not say how it happened)  :)  

It's great to make goals, and it's wonderful to check them off.  
But what I have to learn is that to check off tasks, I have to quit continuously adding to that list. 
Stick to one thing and then move on.  
So this week I'm trying to slow down, and focus on the simple tasks.  
Maybe my list should look like this:
Or even better THIS:

How do you manage your life lists?


  1. I check and cross then start a new list each day. This way I can focus on the day at hand and only 4 or 5 major things. I put things that have to be done (i.e. tennis practice) so that when I do them, I feel better like I have accomplished something for the day.

    Today mine looks like this:
    1. workout
    2. print docs for practice
    3. mail RSVP card
    4. lunch with Tarrah
    5. call SF parking
    6. SFU tennis practice
    7. scrapbook


  2. My solution to lists was to stop making lists :) Life got much easier after that! Love your blog!