Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seacrest Vacation- Part 1

Over the 4th of July we ventured down south for our first beach vacation with the little stud.  We traveled with two of our best buds Rob, Elizabeth and their son Lock who is two months younger than Henry. We had several days of glorious white sands, beach bumming it to the max. 

 We explored.
 We walked out sweaty bodies to the most adorable little doughnut shack the earth has ever seen, And we stuffed ourselves silly. 

 We had some delightful dinners with everything you could ask for.  Friends, family, amazing seafood, relaxing ambiance, live music, and the two most entertaining and delightful little boys you have ever met. 
 After the sun went down sometimes things got crazy. 
 We enjoyed having the ability to walk to dinner with our little families.  I don't think the boys minded their rides either.
The sunny side of vacay was oh so nice.  My fears of traveling 10.5 hours with a 14 month old were quickly set aside.  This little man traveled like a champ, delighted in the play of sand, and enjoyed 24/7 time with his mommy, daddy, and little buddy Lock.