Tuesday, July 2, 2013

15 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

15 months has found us busier than ever.  Feeling stable moving around has turned this baby boy into a 30 inch Christopher Columbus exploring the ins and outs of all his surroundings.   It is no longer enough to play with a set of blocks or play music on his piano table.  No, these days he is much more entertained by getting every toy out of it’s box and quickly dumping it on the floor only to swiftly move on to the next.  I kinda get exhausted just watching him.  So needless to say I’m a busy momma bee following my baby bee. 
Sleep became interrupted once more at night by the ever growing tooth population living in his mouth.  He began cutting the top two incisors to match his bottom, along with 4 molars.  Ouch.  He also met his first ear infection and I must say he took all these physically draining hurdles like a champ.  Our naps have been hit or miss with him sometimes preferring to take only one nap in the day and fighting the other which means I’m getting less and less done in the house.  (poor Barry) We are attempting to switch to one nap this week which should be quite interesting. :/
Henry has found his voice and a need to exert loud baby expletives lately when things aren’t going his way.  Most of the time I think I have stared in complete shock at the explosion of emotions coming from such a little body.  Other times I may have laughed….how else do you deal right?  Apparently the temper starts to show it’s little self around this age and grows until their about 2….wait or is that 22?  Either way I’m going to ignore those parts of our sweet angel of a son and focus on the extreme awesomeness that he exudes 99% of the time.    
His ability to mimic is growing and we find ourselves asking eachother “Did he just say that?” a lot.  Of course it is probably in a language only we can understand but he truly is doing a great job of communicating.  His favorite of late is to ask more of something… “more ball”, “more berry”,  “more dink”,  “more piggies” (he never wants this little piggy to end).
We are thoroughly enjoying seeing the world through your eyes these days and are excited for all that the future holds as your mama and dada. 

Oh and if ya can’t tell we took our first family beach trip.  With the preparation of the trip, being gone, and now getting life back to normal I had been a little hit or miss with my posts.  Prepare yourself for beach picture overload this week.  ;)

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