Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello Beach, it's nice to meet you.

It was love at first sight.  
Water, Water, water said the little voice.  With one small and perfect outstretched arm he pointed to the endless view of ocean lapping against the sand.  Eyes focused and serious as he took in the magnificent creation that surrounded him.  Everything new, and everything amazing, I imagine it must be a similar feeling to an adult who has just landed on the moon for the very first time.  I wonder if he recognizes any of it vaguely connects to an image in the brain of something he has seen in a book or toy fish swimming in the ocean or children playing on the beach.  
He immediately pounded the sand with two happy little feet.  Reaching down to grasp a small handful of sand that he would immediately squish and throw, grab, squish, throw.  Until his face and eyes were speckled with the tiny grains of sand.  I suppose that's when he became comfortable here in this new place because he dove into it like an old familiar blanket.  Full body hugs were then given to the sand with a smile on his face.  Pure delight. 
He found the ocean waters curious but remained cautious of their every pounding waves.  Grimaces followed smiles quite quickly as we dipped his feet in a big salty bath. 
It was something wonderful to witness and the perfect way to start our first day by the beach. 

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