Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A lesson in being a mom - rare form

 Last week we had one of those rare days, the type of day where being anywhere but outside would be torture.  Zero humidity, 80 degrees, and bluest of blue skies.  It felt like a warm day for tailgating, not Kentucky in the middle of July.  
That day happened to fall on the same day where we had one of those rare mornings.  The type of morning you hear mothers talk about that makes you think "wow having a kid must make you crazy".  Well I was crazy.  On the inside.  So I did the only thing I hadn't tried yet.  Get away from the norm.  I thought it might be good to be in public, that way if he threw a sippy cup and screamed at the top of his lungs I would have witnesses, witnesses giving me looks confirming their sympathy for my failed efforts.  :)  *laugh here.  I did
So me and the little bit packed up our lunch, grabbed our sunscreen and a blanket and headed to the arboretum.  From the moment I handed him his hat in the car he flipped on the happy switch.  He enjoyed his pb&j in the shade, listened to a book at storytime, chased butterflies, saw his first tadpole, played in mud and dirt, and ran through the water of the garden misters.  We had giggles, and kisses, and shared grapes inside a log.  All and all it was a learning moment for this new mom.  He is going to have moments in some days where nothing makes him happy, it's my job to figure out something that will.  
Boy I love this little sugar bear. 

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