Friday, August 26, 2016

23 months of knowing heaven on earth - MLEC

Well we are on the last leg of this flight and it feels like we've traveled at supersonic speed.  One month from now she will be landing on Twoville.  The past year has been filled with so much growth for her and I can feel the emotional rollercoaster coming on as I start to reflect on it all.
She has had one big milestone of a month too!  She began telling us 3-4 weeks ago she wanted to potty so I decided to break out the equipment since she showed interest.  The very first time she tried she found success and I guess she liked the feeling.  From there we began doing the bathroom scramble often and she started preferring to (#2) in the potty over her diaper.  (Sound the trumpets and cheer!)  This past week we had a couple days of being naked when she was home and then bought minnie mouse undies and puppy pull ups for our little princess.  So far we are on day 5 of no diapers and doing undies at home and pull ups for sleep or when we go in public (I still don't trust her yet fully)  She's doing really really well and has had a hand full of accidents that usually occur and then she screams running to the potty to finish.  It's a much earlier and different experience than her brother so I wondered if she was ready but she seems to be proving that she is.  I guess it helps to have an older sibling you want to emulate so much.

Hip Hip Hooray for undies!!!!!
This month has brought on lots of sleep problems, attitude, and screaming.  I began to wonder if she was conducting some type of social experiment to see how far she could push mommy over the edge. However I recently discovered at least part of the culprit, a two year molar popping through.  I'm going to hope this is not a preview of what her 2's will be like.  Either way I have been praying that fiery side of her will be used for good in her life.
As much as she wants to do whatever Henry does she has also discovered a way to play on her own.  All of a sudden there is an interest in nurturing everything in her sight.  She loves to play with her doll house and talk about feeding them dinner and giving them baths.  Our little paw patrol figurines have been well taken care of lately and can be found tucked in for sleep or perched on our dining room chairs just before dinner.  My favorite though is hearing her sweet little voice singing her favorite lullaby to her stuffed animals as she holds them and walks around.  What a sweet and caring little girl she is.

Her caring and concerned side can also be seen with her love for people and animals.  The moment she hears Henry crying she runs to see if he's ok.  The sight of any animal, breathing air or statue made of stone, tugs at her heart strings and sends that little voice into a high pitched "awwwww" followed by an air kiss.  She is not shy about showing affection and her unsolicited hugs, kisses, or playful smiles are a welcome and familiar sight.  I love how easily she warms up to others.  She can meet someone for the first time and still want to give them a hug upon departure;  I think it shows how comfortable she is being her.  How wonderful it would be if she could always stay that way, loving who she is and standing firm and proud on that ground.  
She has taken on a huge interest in singing and performing lately.  No longer singing back up for Henry, she is happily standing on her stage or dancing around the house with a "microphone" belting out her favorites Jesus Loves Me and Jesus I Come.  So, so, sweet.  

At 23 months it is getting hard to pin point my favorite Mallie Lynnisms.  She is speaking in full sentences and especially when repeating after Henry.  Sometimes she tries to parrot him so much she goes a full two minutes of repeating word after word, ( in her own way).   Some highlights of late:  
Mahi Mahi - "mommy mommy"
running and racing you can be sure you'll here or say "I beat you!" at the end
"Watching Watching" - when she wants us to watch her do anything
"I like yo shiurt" , "I like yo nose"  - compliments handed out by our sweet girl.
"Yaaaaa hoooo!"  Exclaimed the day we picked up Henry from his first day of school and has since been used to exclaim excitement ever since.
 Oh my little pumpkin girl.  We've come a long way sweet, sweet girl.  As much as I can't believe you're not an infant anymore I love the baby girl you've become.  The girl you're becoming.  The girl you'll be.  Don't worry though, you're still gonna be my baby, for now, for always, forever.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Henry Thomas does Pre-K4

 "What's that say mommy?"  
 It says my baby boy is now a full fledged preschooler.  The real mccoy.
 We spent a lot of time praying about school this year.  I would love for my kiddos to grow up with the same group of school friends over the years.  For us that meant finding the right fit for our family and starting Henry out in preschool to see how we like it and hopefully continue through grade school.  Our town is filled with many wonderful choices but our final choice fell with Trinity Christian Academy.  A small school who's sweet family feel and impressive academics one us over.  They approach learning with a God centered classical Christian education.  Once we learned more about all that classical Christian approach we new that it was right for our family.  The icing on the cake has been the love for this school that can be found in every single parent we talk.  "You will fall in love!'  "We couldn't be happier!"  "They are like family!"   Statements like these are abundant and it is such a comforting feeling.
It has been so refreshing to have a principal pray before meeting to talk with us about Henry.  To know his teacher is praying for him and his classmates and that everything he learns will be tied back into the Bible.  
I think Henry could feel our peace and prayers with this decision because he took that first day of school like a champ.  Our little boy who is usually reserved and shy in new situations practically skipped into the new building as he exclaimed "I think preschool here is going to be awesome!"  What a wonderful God smile that was to hear for a mama's heart.
 We think Henry Thomas hung the moon and we hope he always continues to reach for it.  We hope this preschool year sets the stage for a wonderful foundation on his future learning at Trinity.
Drop off went amazing.  He put away his supplies in his cubby including his new Avengers lunch box that he was sooooo excited about.  After observing the room for a minute he went straight into building with blocks and it was all smiles from there.  

He gave us hugs and said "ohhh I love you, I'm gonna miss you today."  We slowly backed away, waved, and watched as he happily settled into his new classroom.  
I thought about him all day, wondered what he was doing, and prayed he was feeling happy and secure.  Mallie Lynn and I anxiously awaited picking him up in car line.  As cars began to move I announced to her we were about to see Henry to which she loudly exclaimed "oh wow!", and caused me to burst into laughter.  He was all smiles getting into the car, buckled himself up and off we went.
I continued my mama's first day of school tradition with warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for him when he walked in the door.   He ate them happily as he had a little time to decompress.  This boy was tired!
 In some ways it is hard to believe he's such a big boy, especially when I reminisce with pictures.  I miss my little baby boy, my toddly cuddly boy, but I also love my big boy.  I love having conversations with him, I love the way he makes me laugh.  I love his goofy personality and his bright and inquisitive mind.  I'm thankful he's been ours for 4.5 years and that I am getting to experience sending him to school.  What a blessing.
Speaking of goofy......
 How was your first day Henry?
 "Wait, wait, make sure you get my good side here!"  
Where does he come up with this stuff!?!?!
Of course, Mallie Lynn and I will argue till we are blue in the face over who missed him the most.    Throughout the day she would randomly look around and say "Whe Henny go?"  Seven years from now I will be glad I have a picture to prove that yes, Henry you missed your sister too.  
first day pre-K2
first day pre - K3

first day pre - K4
The top of that door just keeps getting closer.  Thankful for this time, even if it does fly.