Thursday, August 11, 2016

Meet Blankie

When someone has known you from the time your were born they become a part of your story.  For Henry Thomas, blankie is one friend that has become deeply woven into his life.  An irreplaceable cuddle pal who could be found in the clutches of his grip since around 6 months old, blankie is more than a square of soft fabric.
Each day my sweet boy awakes a little older, a little more mature.  Each day I'm a little bit more thankful for that blankie he cuddles every morning, and every night.  For Henry blankie is a comforter, a friend; and for me it's a tender reminder of this sweet season we are in.  I know blankies days are numbered rather short and I'm fairly positive that he marks some of the most precious years of our lives.  These are the times that we will cling to in our tough teenage trials, empty nesting, retirement, and golden years.
Henry often talks to him to tell him "Blankie, you're my best friend."  What a wonderful best friend he has been; he's wiped tears, muffled loud laughs, and listened to some of his favorite stories.  There have been moments of sadness when we couldn't find him to go to sleep.  Tears even.  Even fresh out of the washer Henry would much rather hang onto a wet blankie than go without him to sleep.  This is one special little blue square.  

What we know about blankie:
Nickname: Blanka - Blank
How to use him: "rub his furry side and lay on the silky"
Favorite foods: chocolate and pepperoni
Home: Henry's bed, though he usually makes an early morning appearance in the kitchen for cartoons and breakfast.

Fun Fact:  Blankie has two noticeable holes which Henry refuses to let me repair and says they are from all the lovin' he gets.

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