Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lake Time = Family Time

Lake time for us has always been family time, fun time, down time.

 It means prune little lake feet from a girl who loves the water.  

It means sisters giggling and laughing and splashing.
It means cousin's hanging together.
Eating ice off your fingers.                                        
and corn on the cob is your best friend. 
 Brothers and sisters share some love. 
 Songs are learned, played and enjoyed. 
Bed head is kept phenomenal when you're at the lake; clothing is optional and fun is optimal.  
Boat rides for chilling, swimming and tubing give us laughs, screams, and tired sun kissed children.
 Lake time is our family unit, without an agenda, teaching our kiddos to bait hooks and drop a line.  Everyone practicing patience and enjoying each other. 
Lake time is floating and water play, smiles and splashes; being active and busy in a super fun way.  It's working up an appetite for some delicious snacks and meals.  Family time on the water can't be beat.
 Lake time is getting the guts to go down the slide and loving it. 
 It's treats from Nanny and Pop, served cold, eaten quick, and licked with a smile.  

These summer days are the sweetest.  Boating with kiddos is so much fun and so very exhausting.   I love how much they both enjoy the water and I see hours of floating and boating in our families future.  Thank God for Nanny and Pop for hosting these lake rats!!!

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