Wednesday, July 27, 2016

22 months of knowing heaven on earth - MLEC

22 months.
It almost hurts to write that because in just a short few months I'll no longer be able to say "she's one".
On the flip side of that you are more fancy fun than you've ever been.  

A mover and shaker all day long, you love to sing, laugh, and mimic your brother.  The parrot chatter has gotten completely out of control and it is so fun to listen to you "tell us stories" and have conversations with us.  Henry is your favorite in this house; he is the first thing you ask for when you wake up in the morning and is a constant source of your smiles.  You have learned how to scream like a little sister and tend to use that tactic frequently to try and keep his rough boy ways at bay.  The times when you all play together on your own, without anyone else are so pure and sweet I have a hard time doing anything but watching with delight.  
You know when you are tired and are quick to lay down, stick out your little lip and say "I one bed" or "I seepy".  So precious and adorable are you in those moments, now if only we could teach you to stay asleep.  ;)  You are very particular about how you want to go to sleep and like to give us the most precious face you can muster as you cuddle with Redsy, Pink Puppy, Ki Cat, or Boos Coos.  
This face, and others like it are seen quite often lately.  You love the dramatics of acting sad or concerned for something....especially your Henry.
Things we love to hear you say include but are not limited to:

"I sowwy, sowwy mommy, sowwy daddy"
"I one puppy" -i want puppy
"I one hoawse" -i want horse
"Shut duh down" -shut the door
"Stay righ there"
"Ohhhhhhh Heyou"
"ohhhhaaaaawwww coooot!"
"Heyou run"
"Watchin?" "Mommy Watch!" "Watch this"
"I fand it!" -i found it
"I won go simmin!" -i wanna go swimming
pointing with your finger as you tell us to "stay wight dare!" (I guess you've heard that before)
when asked any question your favorite funny answer is "chocit" or "ice cream"
What do you want to play? chocit
Where are we going to put that?  ice ceam
Do you want a pink or green bow?  chaotic, no ice ceam

Your daddy puts it best when he says you do everything so intentionally cute it's like you're putting on a show.  
 Pigtails and ponytails have become a new thing this month out of necessity from the heat.  We had tried several times in the past to do ponytails and boy did you let me know that was  not going to happen.  Repeated tries and distracting you through wearing them has seemed to work well lately.  Henry sure thinks you look awful cute with them in and claims you are "the cutest baby girl in the world".  I can't help but agree.  
You continue to love music and are now singing along to music in the car or even making up your own little songs to the tune of other songs you know.  A recent favorite of mine was "I love bacon and I love you".  *insert belly laugh  As you do with many things you learn a lot from Henry and have heard him belt our Rain, rain, go away a time or too.  Now anytime you see it raining you can be found in the house looking out the window singing "Rain, rain go away" or "It's raining, it's pouring" Oh you cute cute little thing you!

One thing I've learned is I can't be too sad about you or your brother getting older.  Sentimental yes, but every change that's made on your journey to growing up is a beautiful gift.  I'm trying my hardest to see your moments, enjoy them, and write them down.  Days of memories  gone by come quickly, thank you for reminding me to savor my blessings as much as you savor each and every chocit pawsicle.

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