Thursday, July 14, 2016

Patriotic Feelings

There's something that feels so good about celebrating the 4th of July.  Reflecting on how wonderful our freedom is in a time when our country seems so crazy is so important.  Blessings are abundant in this country and they sure are felt around these parts.  Before last year we had always spent the holiday weekend at the lake but being in such a patriotic neighborhood and participating in all the fun gives me a true Americana feel in my heart.
We spent the sunny Saturday pool side enjoying games, treats and good company.
We had a fun night cooking out with my cousin and his family, playing outside, making home made ice cream and watching fireworks and kids play.  
 Sunday we celebrated our freedom in Christ and it was such a good perspective to be given.  Apparently it was a lot for one little gal to handle.
We enjoyed a lovely neighborhood cookout down the street and enjoyed getting to meet new faces while getting to know some better.  I love how many kiddos we have filling our yards with laughter and hope to enjoy more time with everyone in the future.
4th of July forecast caused lots of cookouts, plans and activities to be postponed but we sure packed in all the fun we could muster and still found ourselves relaxing and enjoying ourselves.
We started the day with a patriotic breakfast.  
Keeping our eye on the radar we made a last minute decision to join the bike parade.  I quickly pulled out my 4th of July tote and glue gun while Henry helped me make decorating decisions on where to place everything.  
He was so pumped to ride in the "race" as he called it with police and firefighters in tow.

Princess Patriotic enjoyed watching all the participants and making friends with the pooches being walked. 
Good luck high five's from daddy!
and a proud family send off to our little biker!
So proud of this dude!  He finished strong and never once stopped.  Maybe it was the promise of snow cones and cotton candy that kept him motivated, or maybe it was the cheering neighbors along the way.  
He chose to ride his balance bike over his big boy bike since he's still getting use to it's large size.  I made the decision to walk along side just in case he needed adjustments to his seat which tends to lower as he rides since he's outgrowing it.  That proved to be one sweaty decision because he had me running the entire way.....and I don't run.  :)  Snow cone rewards for all.  
As if the morning needed to get even better Henry walked out to give high five's to the firefighters who helped with the parade and ended up with a private tour of the truck.  Sitting in different seats, turning the engine on, flashing the lights, and learning how to work the hoses and pressure gages on the outside, this kid was in awe!  So was his sister who wanted to follow in his footsteps.  

Wait, what's that......!?!? Our little man's day got even better as he was given the Most Patriotic award and a $25 Target card.  He of course knew exactly what he would go purchase a few days later.....that nerf gun he had been slowly filling his piggy bank for.
We closed out the day with an impromptu get together with our favorites.  Sparklers, delicious food, snap n' pops and loving laughs with our best friends.  What a way to sing happy birthday to America!

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