Saturday, June 25, 2016

21 months of knowing Heaven on earth - MLEC

 Happy 21st darling!  You are a mature young baby girl so sparkling and full of life.  The past two months have been game changers as you grew into the prettiest little parrot I've ever seen.  Phrases turned into sentences and it is not uncommon to hear you say "I want da Posicle" or "night-night puppy dog".  Words like "staw-staw" have quickly turned into "stawberry" and we have unfortunately heard you say Henry instead of your old faithful "Heyyou" I had hoped would stick.  
 There's not a thing you do that's not adorable.  From the top of your curled summer brand hair to the tip of your tan toes we adore watching your every move.  You run with a purpose, tiptoe with joy, and dance like you're the life of the party.   The sweetest singing can be heard from your crib before nap and when you awake in the morning.  Praise songs, Baa baa black sheep, Wheels on the bus, and Where is thumpkin, are your current faves.   

We have hit a very large milestone in the past two weeks when we waved bye bye to paci.  When you hit a routine of having a party for an hour or two in the middle of the night I decided it was the perfect time to give up your crutch.  Sad; because it is another part of babyhood gone.  But your independent little personality certainly didn't fit with a paci reliant sleeper.  So just like brother I cut the end of your paci, laid you down for a nap and you discovered it was "bOken!".  You calmly put it in your mouth, took it out to examine and tried again only to discover the results were the same.  We discussed that it was broken and I asked if you wanted to put it in the trash.  (you LOVE throwing things away) So with an excited jump up you ran to the bathroom to toss it in.  
And Wala!!! you never mentioned it again.

I mean, you cried. (no more than usual) you asked for it at nap time and told me "paci bOken" for the next few days, but other than that you took it like a champ.  It was time, and I'm proud of you for it.  
 With all that maturity that 21 brings we've seen our fair share of sibling hardships.  Big girls fight back.  
 And smile after they've attacked.  
 Then cutely get you to apologize without even realizing what's coming out of your mouth.  
 Big brother is learning pretty quickly that you're adorable, able to be picked on but only when it's worth paying a price.  
Your daddy and I are often seen following behind you as you pull us around by our fingers to where you'd like us to go.  "come mommy, come daddy" you like to say.  
Your current favorite animals include pink puppy, blues clues, baby doll, and "puppy".  Any and all of them may be found surrounding you in your sleep and you tried for sometime to get out of sleep by throwing them out of bed and then demanding we bring them back to you.  You love covering them with blankets and telling them night-night, or feeding them food you are supposed to be eating your self.  
 You are mama's little helper and you love to clean.  We found out quickly while visiting the beach that "messes" aka sand, are not your thing.  You prefer to keep things neat and tidy and especially when that involves wiping or spraying things with water.  
 You adore being "ahhhside" and are often found putting on your favorite pair of rain boots when the word is mentioned.  
 Not afraid of bugs you happily search them out and pick them up with delight.   I have a feeling like you will be a stiletto wearing, fishing pole holding, quarterback who stops mid throw to check your eyelashes in your iWatches reflection.   
 You are one spunky breath of fresh air Mallie Lynn.  Thanks for making our life so much more wonderful.  

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