Thursday, June 23, 2016


 A few weeks ago we made a trip up to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for a check up on our sweet girl.  We were thankful to hear a healthy report and that they were happy with her growth.  The doctor's were still intrigued by her "clear as mud" symptoms.  Eating a variety of foods and drinking flax milk for another source of protein she is a healthy happy gal.  Their have been a few random reactions we have seen, one being her first vomit and then gut reaction.  Yucky diapers are still a common sight but we are rarely phased by them these days.  Our next phase will be to stick to using Neonate for protein and vitamin assurance and in 6 months we will trial dairy.  We are so happy with how far she has come and can't believe our spunky little girl.  
We topped off the day with a  visit to Cincinnati Zoo to make it a fun trip for the whole family.  

We watched the monkeys fight over who would jump on the bed next.

We found the mightiest of all animals  and he did not disappoint as Henry's most anticipated animal of the day.
 This is the face of a girl doing her best impression of the lions.  She was quite entertained by this little exhibit and put on a show for everyone around.  
 "oho Bear!"
 We were all amazed by the size and strength of these magnificent "ehhphants".

The kiddos had a neat opportunity to feed a giraffe.  I was completely surprised at the willingness of Henry to do so, and even more surprised to watch Mallie Lynn eagerly follow in his footsteps.   Henry loves telling us about feeding lettuce to the purple tongued creature.  
We rode the little choo choo to take a break and spot more animals.

 Ohhhhh the "mingos!"  Being one of her current favorite animals she was quite taken back seeing them up close.  
 She would have climbed over the fence to ride a "mingo" if we would have let her.  
The icing on the cake happened in the form of a carousel ride.   One of my all time favorite activities and I so enjoyed watching the kids experience it for the first time.  Henry was mesmerized and would have ridden it for an hour trying out every possible animal.  Mallie Lynn had a love/hate relationship with it but I have a feeling she will learn to love it next time!  
Such a fun memory filled family day.  I love my life with these three.  

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