Sunday, June 12, 2016

Strawberry fields and a start to summer

 A week ago I feel like summer truly began.  My sweet little ones and I went strawberry pickin' and tasted the start of the season.  It was one of those memorable afternoons that this mama will always remember.  Holding hands in a row as we stepped through the patches //  giggling and running together //  seeing who could find the bigger strawberry //  watching them devour their tiny treasures and trying to remind them we had to put some in the basket //  playing pirates on the playground and watching them slide down a puddle soaked slide //  watching Henry play the role of big brother so well and rewarding him with the donuts he begged for.  
 Little fingers quickly searching for berries.   Juice quickly dripping from elbows, toes, and chins.   
 Sometimes, not the perfect berry, but a juicy addictive berry nonetheless.  

 Proud picking and finger licking while searching for little juicy treasures.  I loved the excitement surrounding their search and am fairly certain they ate enough berries during the hunt to make strawberry shortcakes for a week.  

Shut your mouth kinda wonderful.  Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmm
The day was topped off with home made strawberry short cake and everyone including Mallie Lynn enjoyed a bowl.  I am so thankful for days like this with my little family.  A slice of heaven.  

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