Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The bite.

Watching these two together is the best form of entertainment I could ever imagine. 
 Two different personalities // Two loving souls  //  Two adorable faces  //  Two giggly grins
  One full momma heart.

 The sweetest moments happen when they are together.  I love to see her reach for him.  To watch him go in for a squeeze hug (not too tight Henry!), or listen to giggles as they "chase" each other.   As Mallie Lynn becomes more mobile the other aspects of having a sibling are beginning to reveal themselves as well.  I have found myself saying things like  // share your toys // be gentle  // only loving hands //  she's a baby she doesn't know what she doesn't mean to hurt you when she grabs your hair. 
But then there was this incident.  Where a sweet moment of two siblings enjoying the U.S. Open together quickly took a turn for the worse. 

"She bit me!!!!!!!!!!!!"


and mommy couldn't hold the camera still enough because she couldn't stop laughing......

Things were quickly put back to normal when Jordan Spieth made a put to good not to watch.  


I learned a lesson that day.  When disaster strikes, distract  //  laugh  // and store it in your memory box.  These are the days.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

4th Festivities

I love the 4th of July for so many reasons.  It's the peak of summer, patriotic, a reason to celebrate true Americana.  As our first year in this house I have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of festivities they put on throughout the year.  The 4th of July celebration was right up my alley and a true call to American neighborhoods of the past.  We began our morning with a kids 4th of July bike parade.   Over a hundred kiddos with bikes all decked out in red, white, blue, stars and stripes as they trekked from one end of the neighborhood to the other.
I enjoyed every second riding along with my sweet Henry and watching him ride his little heart out.  He soaked up every wave and cheer, and never once complained even when he let me know his "handlebars are getting sweaty, but that's OK I'm trying my best."  #heartmelter
We ended our parade jaunt with snow cones, inflatables, and meeting new friends.  Then it was off for a quick wardrobe change and fun in the sun poolside.  
Part 2 of our 4th festivities involved friends and neighbors, grilling out, sparklers, snap n pops, giggles, watermelon, laughs, fireworks, and staying up way beyond bed times.  This is summer at it's finest and I was only too happy to soak it all in. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lake time is....

Summer chilling at the lake is.
Watching the fog lift off the water with Nanny.
Learning to fish with Pop in between feeding ducks. 
Licking doughnut icing off fingers in your pajamas while watching rain hit the waters.  
Stringing and snapping grean beans on the front porch. 
Siblings playing.  Cousin memories being made.
Learning to drive a pirate ship.
Bed night snacks.
Babies first lake swim.  
Slow mornings.
Stolen cuddles.
Ice cream cone slurping. 
Sunset cruises.


Great summer memories and a yearning for more lake/family time was created.  It's one of the rare places where I feel we truly S  l  o  w  down // enjoy life // enjoy each other // and inhale the blessings of this life.  

So here's to the lake, to getting back soon, and to more awesome family of 4 photo attempts.