Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lake time is....

Summer chilling at the lake is.
Watching the fog lift off the water with Nanny.
Learning to fish with Pop in between feeding ducks. 
Licking doughnut icing off fingers in your pajamas while watching rain hit the waters.  
Stringing and snapping grean beans on the front porch. 
Siblings playing.  Cousin memories being made.
Learning to drive a pirate ship.
Bed night snacks.
Babies first lake swim.  
Slow mornings.
Stolen cuddles.
Ice cream cone slurping. 
Sunset cruises.


Great summer memories and a yearning for more lake/family time was created.  It's one of the rare places where I feel we truly S  l  o  w  down // enjoy life // enjoy each other // and inhale the blessings of this life.  

So here's to the lake, to getting back soon, and to more awesome family of 4 photo attempts.

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