Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The bite.

Watching these two together is the best form of entertainment I could ever imagine. 
 Two different personalities // Two loving souls  //  Two adorable faces  //  Two giggly grins
  One full momma heart.

 The sweetest moments happen when they are together.  I love to see her reach for him.  To watch him go in for a squeeze hug (not too tight Henry!), or listen to giggles as they "chase" each other.   As Mallie Lynn becomes more mobile the other aspects of having a sibling are beginning to reveal themselves as well.  I have found myself saying things like  // share your toys // be gentle  // only loving hands //  she's a baby she doesn't know what she doesn't mean to hurt you when she grabs your hair. 
But then there was this incident.  Where a sweet moment of two siblings enjoying the U.S. Open together quickly took a turn for the worse. 

"She bit me!!!!!!!!!!!!"


and mommy couldn't hold the camera still enough because she couldn't stop laughing......

Things were quickly put back to normal when Jordan Spieth made a put to good not to watch.  


I learned a lesson that day.  When disaster strikes, distract  //  laugh  // and store it in your memory box.  These are the days.  

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  1. Have you seen the 'Chah-lie bit me!' video? It's a classic.,d.eWE