Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth MLEC

10 Months brought us:

 At //  t  e  n  //  months you practice sticking your tongue out like Mick Jagger.

and practice your White House wave.

Weight 16.6lb

Feeding: milk every 3 hrs around the clock.  Eating  solids has been put on pause.  After a reaction that couldn't be eliminated and seemed to get worse with each food we had to pull everything in order to give her gut rest.  Feedings were becoming a 20-30 minute scream fest, uninterested, texture issues, and developing a food aversion.  Eating time became both of our least favorite activities of the day.  So stopping foods and making decisions.......
After a visit with another specialist at Cincinnati Children's we determined a new plan to trial foods and were given another amino acid formula to trial on a much slower pace.  7ml increase every two bottles per 6oz breastmilk.  
Sleep:  Trialing foods, working on sleeping with arms out, and trying to learn to go to sleep on her own left us with a month of little sleep and lots of coffee.  There were nights when she wouldn't fall asleep, nights when falling asleep was soon followed by screams, and nights when we picked up, put down, shhhhh, rocked, held for 3-4 hrs in a 6 hr window.   The good thing is no matter how little she sleeps she almost always wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed; kicking and moving her arms like she is ready to fly out of her crib and smile at the world. 

Awake: You have become a mover and a shaker. A week after you began crawling you started trying to pull up on things, followed by the few seconds attempt to stand on your own.  We've worked up to moving from a squat to standing position a few times, which makes mommy nervous that walking is coming soon, and proud that your quads are so strong.  :)  
You have become a very fast little girl and will move across a room just to investigate a thumbnail size piece of paper on the floor.  (Which means mommy is on constant guard).  Moving makes you happy as a clam.

Loves: Crawling, pulling up on furniture or people, chewing on anything to help those teeth,  swinging at the park (it makes you giggle), playing "tackle" with mommy and Henry, rolling with Daddy, playing with dolls, dancing to music on your piano, moving arms up, clapping, playing with paper or plastic, watching blocks get stacked up and knocking them down, being tickled, chasing Henry, Henry chasing you crawling, swimming at the pool or bath time, splashing makes you smile ear to ear. 

Dislikes: being tired, going to sleep without the woombie, being hungry (even just a little bit), having toys get out of your reach, getting something taken away from you that you have discovered.  Trying to drink Neocate formula, getting your diaper changed. 

Temperament: Happy, active, eager to laugh, sweet, calm, and easily entertained, strong willed, and pleasing.

Clothing Size: 9 months 

New Milestones: Coasting on furniture, two new top teeth making a total of four,  moving hands and understanding the concept of up and down,  taking baths in the big bathtub like a big girl. 

10 months doesn't seem possible, but here we sit.  with a beautiful baby girl bouncing on our knees.  You are sweeter, funnier, and spunkier with each passing day.  We are watching you blossom into a happy little warrior we love so much.


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