Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1st Day Smiles Pre-K3

Last week this big boy started a new chapter.
new backpack //  new "school" //  new teachers // new friends // new playground // new adventures

The once overly shy, very clingy, cautious boy was actually excited for his first day.
We are sending him two days a week for 3 hrs and it is hopefully just enough time away to make him miss his mommy and sister!  This year program resembles a little bit more of a school setting with more structure, specials, and backpacks.

Little sis was proud of him too.
 This big boy made his momma and daddy awful proud.  Not a tear was shed, and I will  never forget his sweet little walk into the school as he turned around with his backpack to smile and wave bye-bye.  He was most excited for the chance to play dress up, specifically a policemen.  Even though that didn't happen as he had planned he had a great first day of school and I'm so excited for him to grow socially and be in an environment that also teaches a bible lesson every day.  He feels big, and small all at the same time.  This 3 1/2 year old prince is showing us what he's made of.  Only the best.

He ended the day in Miller family tradition with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies; because no first day of school is complete without them. 

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