Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Babies = Stuff

Registering for baby stuff....hmm sounds fun, intimidating, exciting, and scary all at the same time.   We decided to register at BuyBuyBaby which is a great baby store owned by BedBathandBeyond, it's a well organized store and it doesn't hurt that they allow you to use BedBathandBeyond coupons as well as their own!  When we walked in we were greeted happily and introduced as "new parents" :) to staff members that would be helping us out.   They suggested we start out on the larger items furniture, strollers, car seat etc. since those usually take the most time.

We didn't need to worry about furniture since we have everything but our glider.  With the help of a BBB clerk and the most handy book ever Baby Bargains we were able to narrow down our choices and pick a car seat and stroller we felt were safe for the little guy.  Then we headed on to tackle a few other items like a highchair and a few other gizmos.  

 It was really a fun evening, though we both got worn out by the end of it.  Looking at all this stuff that babies need wasn't really overwhelming.  It was actually heartwarming, to look at a lil' blanket or highchair and know that we would soon be placing our sweet baby boy in them was exciting. 

 They give you a list when you come in the store of what items you need when bringing home a baby.  I also had some super helpful lists from some of my experienced mommy friends and sister.  In the end we realized that our list was about 1/4 of the way checked off so we would need to come back the following night. 

Second round didn't go so well.  With the task of bottles and pacifiers awaiting us.  Who knew that there were so many types of bottles, paci's, pumping supplies....ahh they lined the wall and didn't stop till they hit the ceiling.  The only help anyone could give me was that it was really a preference thing....(um how would I know what my bottle preference is since I have 0 children?)  So frustrating.  But we got through, thank goodness Barry is a patient and helpful husband and soon to be dad. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Part 2

Christmas Eve we always gather with the Miller side of the family for a huge Christmas party of fun, feasting, and the most wonderful family anyone could ever ask for.  
The food was amazing as usual.  But my favorite table is always the sweets.  Here are a few of the things Mom and I had made to add to the sugary delightment.  

 My Mom's peanut butter fudge, bourbon balls, and coconut balls, all of which are to die for!
 The sugar cookies I make each year.  a. because it's fun.  b. because my dad loves them!

 Elise could eat her weight in the marshmallow pops!

We had an amazing night.  This party always makes me reflect on the many blessings God has graced us with.  It is amazing to me that he sent us his son and yet continues to bestow the blessings of things like great family too.  We were blessed to have almost everyone there this year, - one uncle and one cousin.  With everyone in good health and spirits we were really able to celebrate the holiday! 
I usually walk away from the evening feeling a rise in emotion and overwhelming gratitude for being given such an amazing family.  This year was no different, and with the blessing of little Henry on the way too I shed a few happy tears as I counted my blessings on this special Christmas Eve.  

Two of the most special people I know.  Granny and Pepaw.
My lovely parents.
Mom, my sisters, me, (and Henry)
My fabulous Godmother who hosted this years gathering and B.
Elise opening gifts!  What a sweetie!
My silly Granny trying on Katie's 4 inch red pumps!  haha!

My parents and us!  :)  Love this pic!
The boys chatting it up.
How handsome are my cousins? Seriously?
I love this pic.  We were outside in the cold trying to get a few shots of us together and look at my silly cousins in the windows.  Haha!  Getting framed with no editing!  Love it!

Christmas part 3

Christmas day was spent waking up in our own home.  Slowly enjoying the morning and all the gifts, tangible, and intangible that it brings.  Our house felt cozy and sparkled with Christmas magic  as we sat by the fire enjoying each others company and opening our gifts to one another.  Barry and Henry were all the gift I needed but I was spoiled with gifts wrapped in paper too.  

We then ate breakfast and got ready to head to Barry's parents house for a wonderful Christmas day lunch/dinner.  Not only was I born into a great family, but I married into one as well. :)
Karen had fixed a feast as usual and we all stuffed ourselves silly.  It was a great time to relax and spend time with his parents and Chris and Patience.   I filled up on my second pregnant woman plate before partaking in the fun of exchanging gifts with one another.  :)
We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching some old family videos of Cooper Christmases from the past.  :) This holiday season couldn't have been more complete or perfect.  Thank you God.  

 Kman was so happy chewing on his bone in the middle of gifts.  :)

 The Gang

 Don put Kman in a coma petting him late into the night.  :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas part 1

Our Christmas was very special and extremely funfilled this year.  We headed down to Somerset the day before Christmas Eve to spend time with my parents.  Mom and I did the Miller girl family tradition of baking more sweets than should ever be allowed.  Mom and Dad made a delicious meal complete with a fried turkey (the only way to do turkey in my opinion).  If you haven't tried it I suggest you do so!  

Katie, Lucas, Elise, and Noah all came over to join us for dinner and we exchanged presents together too.  We woke up the next morning to do some more cooking before heading to the big Miller Christmas Eve party in Lexington.  Dad and Barry got to shoot some basketball outside it was such a nice day.  It was a special time, at my parents, with a little baby boy on the way, celebrating the birth of our savior! 

 Elise opened up her drums, started playing and said "Let's Rock"!  Really?  So cute!

 She loved her new airplane sleeping bag!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Movie Monday

The first Monday off for Christmas break is reserved for celebrating with my girlfriends.  We all gathered together for the 3rd annual Merry Movie Monday.  Girls arrive at the house around 10:30am, adorned in their comfiest clothes and come and go as they please all day long.  We pop in our favorite Christmas movies and talk, watch, and eat our way through the day, washing it all down with a merry beverage of choice.  

I made a few festive goodies for us to munch on, including these yummy brie, chocolate, basil sandwiches.  Several girls brought sweets too so we weren't lacking for food.  :)  

What a relaxing and fun way to spend our first day off.  We ended up watching The Holiday and Four Christmas'.  Our party ended earlier than usual with a much milder tone than usual.  I guess next year I need to bust out the Poinsetta drink again. :)  

L knitting while she watched, the world's longest scarf. 

Oh Snap!  LH found these shirts and we both rocked them at school.  The kids thought they were hilarious!  My gingerbread man has a little more meat on it though. :)