Monday, December 19, 2011

The Jersey Boys

Jersey wearing men usually fall into one of two categories in my opinion. 
1.     Those who are Dad’s/older guys wanting to support their favorite team or player in the most flagrant way possible.
2.     Creepy guys, whose jersey is worn with: hair hanging out of the neck line, a very large beer belly, possible mullet, cut off shorts, cigarette in hand, rainbow lensed Oakley’s, all finished off with a nice spritz of Axe cologne.
Barry has always teased about wanting a jersey and anxiously anticipating the day when he is old enough to wear one.  Every time he would make a statement about wanting one I would laugh, and think to myself I know exactly when I will get you one.
So after our first Dr. appointment confirming we would soon be parents I came home, went to the closet, and got out a box I had been saving, and gave it to Barry for his “congratulations you’re going to be a daddy” present. 
He loves the Cincinnati Reds, and his favorite player has always been Barry Larkin.  So now he has a jersey.  He’s ready to play. 

When we found out we were having a little boy we immediately went shopping for a few little guy items.  Barry found a teeny tiny Reds shirt with Votto on the back, which we of course had to get.  So the Jersey quest is complete, and he’ll have a lil’ slugger to lay on his shoulder while he enjoys this next season of life.  

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