Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Babies = Stuff

Registering for baby stuff....hmm sounds fun, intimidating, exciting, and scary all at the same time.   We decided to register at BuyBuyBaby which is a great baby store owned by BedBathandBeyond, it's a well organized store and it doesn't hurt that they allow you to use BedBathandBeyond coupons as well as their own!  When we walked in we were greeted happily and introduced as "new parents" :) to staff members that would be helping us out.   They suggested we start out on the larger items furniture, strollers, car seat etc. since those usually take the most time.

We didn't need to worry about furniture since we have everything but our glider.  With the help of a BBB clerk and the most handy book ever Baby Bargains we were able to narrow down our choices and pick a car seat and stroller we felt were safe for the little guy.  Then we headed on to tackle a few other items like a highchair and a few other gizmos.  

 It was really a fun evening, though we both got worn out by the end of it.  Looking at all this stuff that babies need wasn't really overwhelming.  It was actually heartwarming, to look at a lil' blanket or highchair and know that we would soon be placing our sweet baby boy in them was exciting. 

 They give you a list when you come in the store of what items you need when bringing home a baby.  I also had some super helpful lists from some of my experienced mommy friends and sister.  In the end we realized that our list was about 1/4 of the way checked off so we would need to come back the following night. 

Second round didn't go so well.  With the task of bottles and pacifiers awaiting us.  Who knew that there were so many types of bottles, paci's, pumping supplies....ahh they lined the wall and didn't stop till they hit the ceiling.  The only help anyone could give me was that it was really a preference thing....(um how would I know what my bottle preference is since I have 0 children?)  So frustrating.  But we got through, thank goodness Barry is a patient and helpful husband and soon to be dad. 

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