Thursday, January 12, 2012

All too quickly

I'm enjoying every moment of this little journey called pregnancy.  :)   
 The last few weeks of pregnancy have brought more enjoyment than I ever thought possible.  This little boy is growing and his movements are becoming more forceful, making his presence known in this world.  It can brighten any moment of my day, that sweet surprise of him reminding me that he's inside and doing well.  I have found myself just simply wanting to stare at my stomach throughout the day.  I want to rub it, hold it, and get as close to him as possible.  
Barry and I have fallen asleep at night feeling the sweet movement of our little guy and smiling ourselves into dream land.  

The problem is it's all going by to quickly.  In the beginning of our pregnancy I looked forward to each new week.  I couldn't wait to see what was happening inside me as I would read about his brain development, or how he was growing fingernails.  Each week made me feel better too, more comfortable in the fact that he would be healthy and safe. 
Now though, each new week means another week closer to not being pregnant.  However silly that sounds, I know the outcome at the end of pregnancy is far greater than this.  In this moment it's hard to imagine, how I could possibly be any happier.  What a special gift from God, that I will forever be grateful for experiencing. 
I want this train to slow down.  I want to enjoy every last kick, touch and thought.  The wonderment of it all is quite a ride.  
Though there are a million things to be done between now and when he comes, I vow to slow down.  I have to soak every bit of this in now while I can, because I'm pretty sure preparing my mind for this baby is just as important as preparing a house.  

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