Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pregalicious Pics

So I just realized that it had been a long time since I had made a Pregalicious post!  
So here is a run down of how this baby boy is growing!  :)  

Here we are at 20 weeks....half way through this pregnancy. Wow it's flying by!

 Here we are at 21 weeks.  This is when he hit a growth spurt like no other!  I had have a hunger for food 24/7 and if it wasn't isn't met in time the result = stomach twisting terrible pain.  So....what's a little momma to do but eat?  Therefore, I've learned that meal time doesn't really have a starting stopping point, and that I ALWAYS need to keep healthy and satisfying protein around!

 This is us at week 24.  Baby boy is growing and doing serious flips in my belly!

 Week 26 I started feeling the load a little more and found myself tired again.  But no complaints!  We are feeling great!  :)  Daddy has started reading books to you, and boy do you love it! :)

 27 weeks and feeling awesome!  I have begun the project of sewing on little man's room and will be excited to get it completed so I can sit and read books to him. 

 We are belly rockin here with some of your future friends little man.  One little girl you will half to protect, and another little guy for you to get dirty skinned up knees with. 
You are sooooo loved Baby Henry.  Words can not express how excited I am to be caring you inside of me, watching you grow, and anticipating the moment your dad and I get to meet you. Muah! 

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