Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How do you make a Christmas tree look it's best?

You let a child decorate it of course. 
A recount of us decking the halls this weekend. 

 Sweet kisses to his favorite ornament, raccoon.
 A managerie of glittery brown birds sitting on the lowest branch of our tree, an indication of our little helper's prescence as we decorated the tree. 
 So tempted to touch, but trying to follow the Christmas tree rules.
 Checking out his first Christmas memory ornaments and making sure they pass the feel test. 
 A few of his favorite's that adorn the tree are bear, and "cracker". 
The holidays always make me giddy, but like everything else experiencing it with a child takes it to a whole new level.   I've never had so much fun putting up a Christmas tree in my life.  From the moment he saw it lit he ooooed and ahhhhed making statements that we will never forget, "Oh Christmas tree!"  (yes, that song forever has a new meaning.)  We watched him dance to his new favorite song, by request, Jingle Bells as he held his ornaments tight.  
His love for the tree was very apparent from the beginning after being told he couldn't touch it, he stepped back and gave it an air kiss.  This is a little ritual that has continued multiple times a day as he stands and stares at it's lights and "Ohnomints". 
I'm so happy we still have another tree to put up!  Let this amazing season of love and celebration begin!!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Foto Reel Friday. nov 22 * 2013

Our top five moments of the week.  


We got together with my talented sister Sarah for a little Christmas card photo shoot.  I'm loving how they turned out, but then she always does a fantastic job.  If you remember our maternity photo shoot that was her behind the lens their too.  Seeing this guy dressed like a little dream boat made us all smile from ear to ear.  He felt pretty cool in his Beaufort Bonnet Baylor bow tie and velvet green suspended jumper.  
We had an ear infection this week which has caused him to be more cuddly than normal when he wakes up from naps.  I've taken full advantage of our little hug sessions.  As much as I hate to know he is uncomfortable and needs medicine it has been a great reminder to me of just how blessed we have been with him.  To have a healthy baby, who continues to grow and develop in such a wonderful way is the biggest tangible blessing I can think of on this earth. 
 We had the pleasure of having his friend Reagan spend the morning with us.  She is two months older than him and they are so sweet together it's silly.  They played so well it had be thinking I could totally handle twins......Ok not really but maybe for a few hours. 
 If you read this post you know we had a great time this week making pine cone turkey's with some of our sweet friends.  Thanks to Meredith and her boys for hosting all of us for lunch and crafting.  It was a great way to spend time with friends big and small. 
 We had a great time visiting one of Henry's favorite places.  The library for story time.  We have been going for almost a year now at least once or twice a month.  It has been so fun to watch his personality come out over time as he has slowly become more comfortable.  This week he walked into the room on his own, said hi to Miss Christy and chose a seat on his colored square.  He participated in everything and even asked her for the balls and bubbles, his fave!  I love how cautious he is yet at the same time is a silly and fun loving little boy.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

When friends are keepers.

Henry my son you are so blessed with friends.  Friends who have great mommy's.  Like the one who invites you into her home with the smell of homemade minestrone soup and cheesy bread wafting through the house.  The kind who prepares five little man plates with quesadillas and cut up fruit.  The kind that bake homemade gingerbread men for your sticky paws to munch and crunch all over the floor.  The kind that make place mats with your names on them so you can craft a festive little turkey pinecone.  The kind that has two boys, a third on it's way and is married to a soldier.  Yes you have some great friends, and I'm thankful they also come with some rock star mommas! 
So you play away my sweet boy.  
Go throw that ball, race that car, hit that drum, and jump on that bed.  Me and some of my favorite mama's have some chatting to do. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the surprise in a prayer

Not to long ago you began to pray with us.  
It started at dinner.  You picked up on the fact that we prayed over our meals.  You began to join initiating it as soon as you were sat in your high chair, "Pray?" you would say, and it has continued to grow from there.  
You ask to "pray". 
Apparently at times our prayers are too short for you because after you say "amen" you often request "mo prayers?".  It has made my momma heart smile to see that even at one and a half years old, we humans have a desire to pray when shown how to do so.  
My surprise has come in the way you very quickly took to saying prayers, and in doing so began initiating them on your own.  You have once again taught me something unexpected.  I never thought becoming a mom would have such great rewards, such wonderful life stretching moments, yet here they are.  
You have shown me that a beautiful walk through the fall colored trees is a time to give praises as that sweet voice of yours whispers from the stroller "prayers?'  
You have made me see that a happy moment tossing ball outside calls for "prayers?'  
You have made me aware that a daily task like driving is a time to be thankful, to ask for safe travels as your little voice calls from the car seat, "prayers mommy?"
You have reminded me that having the physical ability to ride a bike, especially with my son is a time for "prayers?"
Thank you for reminding me, anytime is a good time to pray.  To be thankful, to ask for help, to praise.  
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Foto Reel November 17, 2013

Our week in pictures.  
Birthday celebrations for the ever so fabulous John R with some of our besties.  
 UK Football game with my three favorite men. 

My girls and I traveled to Louisville to celebrate our dear friend Addie and her twin sister Sarah's 30th birthdays.  There's nothing like getting together with college friends!  


 We had our monthly music class and banged on the drums. 
 We took full advantage of the warmer days outside.
 He saw a cut down tree on our walk one evening and couldn't stop saying "OH NO!"  (I hope he didn't get to scared by this scarring event). 
 But in the land of KY, one day your picking roses and the next day..........your putting on gloves to play in snow for the first time. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A blizzard in November.

When you live in Kentucky you never know what the weather will be like when you wake up.  One day it's 60, and the next day
 This little man was so excited.  We let Keightley outside and he squealed with delight screaming "walk snow", "snowman!".
So I dressed him like the Michelin man and outside we went. 

 My sister gave me the great idea of bringing the snow indoors.  We will never forget the fun we had during the blizzard of November 2013. 

I mean things got crazy!
 Dump trucks turned over they were so full of snow.

An abominable Henry ate as much snow as he could.  Declaring it "good".
Bring on the winter!  I have a feeling we are going to have loads of fun!