Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Fresh Fall Perspective.

We were pretty amazed by this polka dot leaf.
 Take a bow little one, you sure have done a lot.  You taught me how to enjoy a season even more than I did before.  Watching your feet crunch through leaves for the first time and seeing the simple pleasure it brings makes me glow with excitement.  
You stand in awe at the leaves blowing out of the trees as you shout "Wind ebeywhere!" 
Hunting for fallen pine cones has become more delightful to you than any game we could play indoors.  You pick up a leaf and bring it to your face to examine, and your body can't help but dance to a little leaf dancing jig. 
Thank you for being mine.  For making every day a delight.  For giving me endless smiles.  For being nothing but wonderful you.