Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the surprise in a prayer

Not to long ago you began to pray with us.  
It started at dinner.  You picked up on the fact that we prayed over our meals.  You began to join initiating it as soon as you were sat in your high chair, "Pray?" you would say, and it has continued to grow from there.  
You ask to "pray". 
Apparently at times our prayers are too short for you because after you say "amen" you often request "mo prayers?".  It has made my momma heart smile to see that even at one and a half years old, we humans have a desire to pray when shown how to do so.  
My surprise has come in the way you very quickly took to saying prayers, and in doing so began initiating them on your own.  You have once again taught me something unexpected.  I never thought becoming a mom would have such great rewards, such wonderful life stretching moments, yet here they are.  
You have shown me that a beautiful walk through the fall colored trees is a time to give praises as that sweet voice of yours whispers from the stroller "prayers?'  
You have made me see that a happy moment tossing ball outside calls for "prayers?'  
You have made me aware that a daily task like driving is a time to be thankful, to ask for safe travels as your little voice calls from the car seat, "prayers mommy?"
You have reminded me that having the physical ability to ride a bike, especially with my son is a time for "prayers?"
Thank you for reminding me, anytime is a good time to pray.  To be thankful, to ask for help, to praise.  
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  1. this has me teary eyed!!! wow. i think this is exactly what Scripture means when it calls us to have a "childlike faith." this is so, so beautiful, friend! thank you for sharing. my heart is beaming after reading these words! glory to our Father!!! xx

    1. You're so correct Elise! It is amazing how we tend to lose that faith of a child as we grow older. I love that being a mommy challenges and reminds me of that. Hope you're having a great week!