Thursday, November 21, 2013

When friends are keepers.

Henry my son you are so blessed with friends.  Friends who have great mommy's.  Like the one who invites you into her home with the smell of homemade minestrone soup and cheesy bread wafting through the house.  The kind who prepares five little man plates with quesadillas and cut up fruit.  The kind that bake homemade gingerbread men for your sticky paws to munch and crunch all over the floor.  The kind that make place mats with your names on them so you can craft a festive little turkey pinecone.  The kind that has two boys, a third on it's way and is married to a soldier.  Yes you have some great friends, and I'm thankful they also come with some rock star mommas! 
So you play away my sweet boy.  
Go throw that ball, race that car, hit that drum, and jump on that bed.  Me and some of my favorite mama's have some chatting to do. 

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