Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How do you make a Christmas tree look it's best?

You let a child decorate it of course. 
A recount of us decking the halls this weekend. 

 Sweet kisses to his favorite ornament, raccoon.
 A managerie of glittery brown birds sitting on the lowest branch of our tree, an indication of our little helper's prescence as we decorated the tree. 
 So tempted to touch, but trying to follow the Christmas tree rules.
 Checking out his first Christmas memory ornaments and making sure they pass the feel test. 
 A few of his favorite's that adorn the tree are bear, and "cracker". 
The holidays always make me giddy, but like everything else experiencing it with a child takes it to a whole new level.   I've never had so much fun putting up a Christmas tree in my life.  From the moment he saw it lit he ooooed and ahhhhed making statements that we will never forget, "Oh Christmas tree!"  (yes, that song forever has a new meaning.)  We watched him dance to his new favorite song, by request, Jingle Bells as he held his ornaments tight.  
His love for the tree was very apparent from the beginning after being told he couldn't touch it, he stepped back and gave it an air kiss.  This is a little ritual that has continued multiple times a day as he stands and stares at it's lights and "Ohnomints". 
I'm so happy we still have another tree to put up!  Let this amazing season of love and celebration begin!!!!!

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