Sunday, November 3, 2013

Foto Reel October 31st, 2013

Our FotoReel from the week is  a combination of all things fall. 
1. A little potato stamp pumpkin craft where Henry painted some masterpieces.
2. Crunch the first fallen leaves in our yard.  I savored this moment realizing it was the first time Henry had ever crunched leaves himself.  Last year it was all through a stroller ride.  :)
3. We went trick or treating to a couple houses including BOTH of his great grandparents. 
4. One of my great college friends came into town for a weekend visit.  We spent some time at the fall meet for horse racing at Keenland.  Had a delicious brunch together, cooked up a mean pot of burgoo and had some of our favorite people over to enjoy it.  It was a weekend of fun bonding and feeling blessed with the friendships I have been given. 
5. We took our family visit to the pumpkin patch where we enjoyed watching this guy walk amongst the pumpkins trying to pick them up and smiling at the sights. 

A wonderful end to October and the perfect little moments that make up the great season of fall. 

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