Sunday, November 17, 2013

Foto Reel November 17, 2013

Our week in pictures.  
Birthday celebrations for the ever so fabulous John R with some of our besties.  
 UK Football game with my three favorite men. 

My girls and I traveled to Louisville to celebrate our dear friend Addie and her twin sister Sarah's 30th birthdays.  There's nothing like getting together with college friends!  


 We had our monthly music class and banged on the drums. 
 We took full advantage of the warmer days outside.
 He saw a cut down tree on our walk one evening and couldn't stop saying "OH NO!"  (I hope he didn't get to scared by this scarring event). 
 But in the land of KY, one day your picking roses and the next day..........your putting on gloves to play in snow for the first time. 

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