Friday, November 8, 2013

Foto Reel Friday- November 8, 2013

Our five favorite moments of the week.  Which is really hard to narrow down when you are around this little sweet pea every day! 

We aren't sure if it's his love of being read to or just his personality but I'm pretty sure one of his nicknames must be Sir Talks Alot.  The things that come out of his mouth amaze us and take us by surprise, mainly because I had no clue that he would be basically having conversations with us at a year and a half old.  This week he completely blew my mind.
As I sang the ABC song to him and got to "LMNOP", his little mouth opened up with a smile to say "QRS".  WHAT?  I yelled for B to come in there and told him what happened.  He then started in on the song and again Henry chimes in at exactly the right time to say "EFG! "  He has since then started walking around singing "ABCFG".
He has also started chiming in when we count and is doing well with 1234, 678, 9,11.  His favorite way to count this week has been with the little song 1, 2, he will say "buckle my sue", 3,4 "shut da do", 5, 6 "sticks".  I have nothing else to compare him to all I know is I think he is one smart cookie, and he obviously takes after his daddy here.  :)
Spending time outdoors with this little man is always a delight.  We met up with some dear friends Mere, Lizzy and there boys to have a little lunch out at Wallace Station.  We enjoyed the drive out there passing horse farms and colorful trees.   We ran around the open field after we filled our bellies and played for a good hour.  He giggled and squealed and filled my heart with joy. For more pics from this little adventure you can check out this post.
I made it out for an evening of fun with some girls to celebrate princess Paige's birthday.  It is always nice as a momma to get out and just have adult conversations sometimes.  I'm blessed to have such a wide variety of friends so close to me.  
lazy mornings.  My favorite.  I'm not a morning person, it takes a good two cups of coffee and a few hugs from Henry to perk me up in the morning.  So this week I enjoyed taking it kinda slow and getting a few extra cuddles in while those footed pajamas were still keeping his tootsies warm. 
The leaves this week were at their peak.  The colors were vibrant and beautiful.  At times the wind carrying them through the air to create a colorful fall leaf storm that just made you feel alive.   We took advantage of those moments, taking several walks through the crunchy leaves. 
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  1. What a fun girls' night! Ya'll are BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us :)

  2. yes beautiful girls and your little man is TOO CUTE!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. hey beauty!! i just started following thanks to the linkup! yay!!! LOVING your pics...especially with your precious henry and your pup! BLESS! we have a little pup too...and i can't wait to see her with our babies one day (kinda...) for away! ;) hope you had the loveliest friday, doll!!! xx

  4. what a fun week! Sweet simple moments are the best! I am so jealous of your leaves!!! Gorgeous! Henry is doing so well, doesn't that just make your Momma heart explode with joy!! How fun!