Friday, November 22, 2013

Foto Reel Friday. nov 22 * 2013

Our top five moments of the week.  


We got together with my talented sister Sarah for a little Christmas card photo shoot.  I'm loving how they turned out, but then she always does a fantastic job.  If you remember our maternity photo shoot that was her behind the lens their too.  Seeing this guy dressed like a little dream boat made us all smile from ear to ear.  He felt pretty cool in his Beaufort Bonnet Baylor bow tie and velvet green suspended jumper.  
We had an ear infection this week which has caused him to be more cuddly than normal when he wakes up from naps.  I've taken full advantage of our little hug sessions.  As much as I hate to know he is uncomfortable and needs medicine it has been a great reminder to me of just how blessed we have been with him.  To have a healthy baby, who continues to grow and develop in such a wonderful way is the biggest tangible blessing I can think of on this earth. 
 We had the pleasure of having his friend Reagan spend the morning with us.  She is two months older than him and they are so sweet together it's silly.  They played so well it had be thinking I could totally handle twins......Ok not really but maybe for a few hours. 
 If you read this post you know we had a great time this week making pine cone turkey's with some of our sweet friends.  Thanks to Meredith and her boys for hosting all of us for lunch and crafting.  It was a great way to spend time with friends big and small. 
 We had a great time visiting one of Henry's favorite places.  The library for story time.  We have been going for almost a year now at least once or twice a month.  It has been so fun to watch his personality come out over time as he has slowly become more comfortable.  This week he walked into the room on his own, said hi to Miss Christy and chose a seat on his colored square.  He participated in everything and even asked her for the balls and bubbles, his fave!  I love how cautious he is yet at the same time is a silly and fun loving little boy.

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  1. Sorry about his ear infection :( Poor little man! Hope he feels better soon! DYING over his outfit for Christmas cards!! Such a stud!