Tuesday, July 31, 2012


MIL- otherwise known as mother in law.  

I have been blessed with one of the greats.  She is the mother that created such a wonderful nurturing environment for my husband to have grown up in.  She is the glue of her family and is as kind and gentle as they come.  She has taught me quite a bit in the short time I have known her and I am so thankful to be a part of her family.  

She is overwhelmingly in love with our little man and takes superb care of him any chance that she can get.  

Happy Birthday to a strong, kind, caring, truthful, unselfish woman.  We love you so very much!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me-I like to Waterski

You may know that I love sports, basketball, football, volleyball and baseball are some of my faves.  But, I would venture to guess you had no idea that my favorite sport is waterskiing.  Growing up on the water I began skiing at an early age and then became hooked when I learned to slalom.  (that's skiing on one)

In college, I joined the University of Kentucky waterski team which is a club sport.  We competed against other schools in the SAC South Atlantic Conference.  Traveling to tournaments every spring and fall was the highlight of my college experience, and at one point I became president of the club.  
It is something I am passionate about.  Yet don't get the opportunity to enjoy it very often anymore.  So this weekend when my uncle asked if I wanted to hit the water for a few cuts I jumped at the chance.  

It was like heaven to me.  Pulling on my ski.  Getting up and making cuts.  Looking in the boat and seeing my baby boy and husband.  Life doesn't get better.  :)  It was an awesome way to start off my birthday week!  :)  (which is today)  

 If you want to know more about how people compete in waterski events check out this link.  
P.S. How is this not an Olympic sport?  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Foto Reel Friday - 16

Well apparently when you have a child, life begins to rev up it's engine's and days soon feel like what minutes use to.  This week has flown!  My baby boy is getting more precious, more lovable, and more fun with each passing hour, but he is also growing  up.

We made the official move out of our Puj tub last week but were just enjoying Mommy/Baby Bathy time.  This week we broke out the whale, he enjoyed it every time.  This could be due to the fact that he can now have a toy with him while he bathes. :)  
We all enjoyed having the Reds on and watching them continue to win.  
He grew more cheek love.
 He grew more personality.  
He has been grabbing things for a while but not to the extent that he did this week.  He began moving the toys on his swing from one side to the other and when a toy is placed in front of him he reaches out both hands to grab hug it and bring it towards his mouth. 
 This boy is getting big.  After holding him on my left side one day this week I literally had a sore bicep.  :)  Guess I might be upping my lifting lbs. at the gym soon. :)
 He met another fabulous friend this week!  Baby boys all around, this little guy is going to have some fun with his buddies!
 Hello Hugo! 

 Another milestone this week....He found his adorable feet!  
Yesterday we watched as he looked at his feet and then started reaching for it, which then turned into a grab.  He was quite fascinated!  

Smell my feet mommy!
Each day gets better, and I'm continually blown away by how awesome he is.  Being his mother is the greatest gift!  GB2G

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The More I Know

Hello Henry,

With each passing day I know a little more about you, and it excites and thrills me to unmeasurable level of happiness.  Each day now you give me a bigger glimpse of who you are.  Your personality is the best of anyone I have ever met in my life.
From the moment your eyes greet the morning light you put a smile on your face.  Each day is like experiencing Christmas morning, unswaddling you like a precious package being unwrapped.  You stretch and giggle and writhe with delight at the sight of a Mommy or Daddy.

That smile.  It stretches a country mile and then runs down your face dripping big pools of kissable cheeks that mound up on each side.

Your eyes.  Twinkle.  You can see happiness in them.  Wonder.  Curiosity.  Positivity.  Thankfulness.

I have the very distinguished pleasure of knowing you.  Very well.  
For the most part, I can predict you.  You speak to me.  Of course not in words yet, but you have your own language, and I have studied it enough to come pretty fluent.  Your long quick grunts tell me your tired.  Your fast short breaths mean you are ready for change; of scenery, sound, position.  You have higher pitched grunts and groans for times when you are tired, and fighting that sleep.  I can listen to your sounds and know when you are waking up for good, and when you are dreaming. 

You are silly.  You love to laugh when we change your diaper.  Or look at you.  :)  Watching your face go from an expressionless stare in the distance and grow into a sweet open mouthed smile that moves you from your head to your kicking toes is blissful.  Especially because you do it out of excitement when seeing us.  :)  Oh we love you!

You see Henry Thomas, the more I know you the more I want to get to know you.  I look forward to each day the Lord give me with you.  So keep it up little man.  Continue working that charm.  Because it works. 

I want to know you more.  And More.  And more.  and more.  and more. 

Your Very Proud Mommy

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Frozen Chocolate Ricotta Sandwiches

I am very conscious of what I put in my body and try to eat as clean and healthy as possible.  Eating foods that are God made, not processed, keeps me feeling great.  I don't calorie count, nor do I look at fat.  I do look at labels, and I tend to go for foods that are low on the ingredient list and high in fiber or protein.  
My weakness is most definitely sweets and my love for wine.  So today I thought I'd share with you a dessert that isn't to shabby for ya.  With 120 calories and 4grams of protein I can eat this as my "bed night snack" and not feel to guilty while still satisfying my sweet tooth and gulping down a big glass of milk.

These Frozen Chocolate Ricotta Sandwiches were found on pinterest, and you can scoop up the recipe yourself on my "desserts gone healthy" board.  It was originally in Women's Health Magazine.

First mix up the ricotta and fruit preserves.  Here I used apricot but recently have done raspberry which is super delish.  I recommend using 2 tablespoons of the fruit preserve to give it more flavor.
 Next fold in the tablespoon of sugar and mini chocolate chips.  (I use the cacao nibs from Whole Foods)
 Mix the ingredients together and put them in between your chocolate slabs (I used chocolate graham crackers) Set on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer for an hour.  They can be eaten after that and then kept in a ziploc in the freezer for a quick go to after dinner dessert.  
*note the evil chocolate decadence that my husband purchased when at the grocery.  Here I'm trying to stay healthy and he throws this in my face. Gah!  :)
 I can have one of these and a handful of fruit with my ice cold milk and be ready to go.  :)  If you make them I'd love to know what you think! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Handsome- Websters Dictionary Revision


adjective, hand·som·er, hand·som·est. 1. having an attractive, well-proportioned, and imposing appearance suggestive of health and strength; good-looking:

That was the original definition.  However, after careful consideration Webster's has decided to make a revision.



Monday, July 23, 2012

What's up Weekend - Polo Matches and Bachelorettes

Our weekend had a first, a celebration, and unwind time.

We attended our first ever polo match as we attended the Bluegrass International Cup.  It was a work event for Barry and I hadn't attended anything with him since having Henry so I decided to go.  It was an extremely fun charity event and a wonderful atmosphere. 
Thinking about what to wear to a polo match almost stressed me out.  I went with flat sandals, a cool coral skirt, navy top, and a UK blue bag to scream summer.

The polo field was gorgeous to look at as the horses cantered up and down the grass.  We learned about how the sport is played and tried our best to keep up.  
I decided that I am quite the fan of the sport too.  When half time involves grabbing a glass of champagne from a tray and gathering on the field to step on the horse hoof divets..... I think I'm in! 

Dinner, great music, champagne, ponies, and a handsome husband makes for a fine Friday night.
A Celebration occurred on Saturday night as I headed out to dinner for one of my best friends, Lauren's bachelorette.  
We had a more than enjoyable dinner at the lovely Table 310 and then made our way around the scenes of downtown.  This is the kind of bachelorette I can handle these days!  Great company, good wine, lots of laughs.  (I think we were happy to do without the fabulous straws and buttons usually adorned at these sort of things).  ;)
 Wedding festivities begin this week and none of us could be happier for the darling couple.  You can read about their sweet story over here. 

Sweet Sunday allowed us to unwind a bit and have some moments of family time that we love so much.  After being out later than a mommy is use to I was reminded of how blessed I am.  Laying in bed taking a early morning nap with H after a feeding I was awakened to coffee and breakfast in bed.  This man is good!
Later in the afternoon we headed to the cute little town of Midway, Kentucky to meet up with some friends from Cincy for lunch.  We had perfect weather and enjoyed catching up with Linsey and Clay.  Henry was 100% awesome as he chilled on our laps and took in his surroundings.  :)  Such a good baby boy!  

We then walked the streets looking in at the shops.  
Perfect weekend.

Hope yours was nothing less than fabulous!