Thursday, July 26, 2012

The More I Know

Hello Henry,

With each passing day I know a little more about you, and it excites and thrills me to unmeasurable level of happiness.  Each day now you give me a bigger glimpse of who you are.  Your personality is the best of anyone I have ever met in my life.
From the moment your eyes greet the morning light you put a smile on your face.  Each day is like experiencing Christmas morning, unswaddling you like a precious package being unwrapped.  You stretch and giggle and writhe with delight at the sight of a Mommy or Daddy.

That smile.  It stretches a country mile and then runs down your face dripping big pools of kissable cheeks that mound up on each side.

Your eyes.  Twinkle.  You can see happiness in them.  Wonder.  Curiosity.  Positivity.  Thankfulness.

I have the very distinguished pleasure of knowing you.  Very well.  
For the most part, I can predict you.  You speak to me.  Of course not in words yet, but you have your own language, and I have studied it enough to come pretty fluent.  Your long quick grunts tell me your tired.  Your fast short breaths mean you are ready for change; of scenery, sound, position.  You have higher pitched grunts and groans for times when you are tired, and fighting that sleep.  I can listen to your sounds and know when you are waking up for good, and when you are dreaming. 

You are silly.  You love to laugh when we change your diaper.  Or look at you.  :)  Watching your face go from an expressionless stare in the distance and grow into a sweet open mouthed smile that moves you from your head to your kicking toes is blissful.  Especially because you do it out of excitement when seeing us.  :)  Oh we love you!

You see Henry Thomas, the more I know you the more I want to get to know you.  I look forward to each day the Lord give me with you.  So keep it up little man.  Continue working that charm.  Because it works. 

I want to know you more.  And More.  And more.  and more.  and more. 

Your Very Proud Mommy


  1. What a sweet face...and a sweet post. Visiting via Two in Diapers. Happy to be a new follower.

    Holli @

  2. I agree the best is when they wake up in the morning and from their naps, so super smiley!!!

  3. Beautiful post!! I can so relate, with my 3 month old...he loves to laugh during diaper changes too haha
    New followers via the mommy blog hop :)

  4. He is a very smiley baby! I absolutely love it! you're one awesome momma so far :) Can't wait to see how much Henry grows!

  5. Such a sweet and beautifully written letter to your adorable baby boy! I love it! Thanks for sharing. I feel the same way, but you put it in words in such a great way. Isn't GOD good?! XO

  6. What an adorable little man you have there! Thanks for visiting, I am following you too :)

  7. This just melts my heart! So beautiful, friend. I'm so glad you linked up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer, and I hope to see you again next week! :)