Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Electricity + a Baby = Our Saturday Night

Our first attempt at leaving Henry to be put to sleep by someone else ended in an interesting way.  We headed out Saturday night for a few hours to attend a shower for our friends Lauren and Josh who will be married in July.  
We received a call around 9:45 from Barry's mom informing us that our power was out and we better head home.  Our minds filled with dread thinking the 100+ degree temps had likely gotten the best of our struggling 18yr old AC unit.  This news began a night filled with one hot problem and a thousand cherries on top that just made it, well, comical.
Upon our arrival home we found a warm baby and Gran, and houses up and down the street with and without lights.....Hmmmm.  In the process of searching for the answer to our hot little problem, I tripped on our front porch steps losing my flashlight iPhone in the rose bushes.  (cherry #1)

Good news: it wasn't our house alone but a "electrical malfunction" Odd news?" It was effecting 12 houses seemingly at random. (cherry #2)  A few on our street and a few on the streets behind us.  We were told it would be fixed within 2 hours max. 

So we devised a plan to move our family to the basement where it was pleasantly cool.  Candles were lit as we cozied up on our couch and got Henry to sleep.  Keightley began to curl up on the couch making a bed out of blankets..................
Wait, why is he hiking his leg?
Surely he's.........
Is he peeing? 
KEIGHTLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cherry #3)

scratch, scratch, sccccrrraaaatch.  Did you hear that? Hear what?  Grrrrowl.  Bark.  Grrrrrrrowl. Bark.  (Kman going crazy) a ickky little vole finding it's way to our basement steps gives us (cherry #4)

Midnight came and went, still no lights, 1:00 in the morning was decision time.  With the ever rising temperatures in our house, our stash of liquid gold hidden in our freezer was in danger of melting.  Barry ran to a gas station for a large bag of ice and carefully transported the milk gold across town to his parents freezer where it would be safe.   (cherry #4)

Heading to our basement bathroom in the dark is not something I'll do again without a flashlight.  Since this is a bathroom seldom used by the only lady of the house I should have known better.  Enter: rump plopping onto cold toilet......lid up....Ouch.   (cherry #5)

Warning: The following might be considered TMI
The original plan for the evening was to come home at 10:00p.m. and pump since I missed feeding him at our 8:00 time.  Our lack of electricity put a damper on that one. and at 3:30am I could take it no more!  Pain had ensued and I could either wake a sleeping baby to feed no.  Or I could, eh hmmm take matters into my own hands.  (cherry #6)
Then it happened.....Lights on!
Oh wait.  Lights off....
Back in action for good around 4am.  
Henry wakes at 5 to feed........

I'm pretty sure I felt a delirium not even discovered with the lack of sleep a newborn brings.


  1. OMG, this post stressed me out just reading it! What an interesting day. I had to laugh at Keightley's part of the story, though, hahaha. Last time our AC went out (last summer -- 105 degree day! UGH!), my cat peed in the sink and laid in it...the smell of hot cat pee? UGH.

  2. Oh My gosh that's hilarious Lindsay! I guess when it rains it pours.....or pees in our case? LOL