Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Hides Behind the Heat

Heat can burn us, bring us to exhaustion, dehydrate us,  and make you feel miserable. 
The current heat wave sucked all the electricity out of our home for a night, and next it decided to throw punches against our AC unit which is now hanging on the ropes, grasping for a sign of a cool down. But with it came a treasure and one I'll remember always, because what was hiding behind the heat tonight was a blessing.   

 After 3 hours of the temperature reading at 82 degrees we decided that bed time for Henry would have to at least start in the coolness of the basement.  Daddy read some stories to him and then we gave him a quick bath.  I fed him on the couch, his freshly bathed baby skin covered by nothing but his diaper.  He was such a tired boy that he fell into a deep sleep immediately after eating. Curled up on my lap taking in deep breaths he laid, for hours. 

We watched a movie and the sweet baby didn't budge.  Yes he may have stirred from time to time, grunted, or even belly laughed in his sleep but he stayed there, comfortable as anything and stealing my heart. 

I'll take 82 degrees every night of my life if it means that I get to hold this precious little body in my arms.  My sweetheart on one side of me, a puppy on the other, and a baby on top.  It was one of those moments in life you could eat up with a spoon.  To recognize that you are in a memory that you will forever cherish.  Yes, things happen for a reason.  Tonight I saw the blessings of love bestowed on me as God weaved my family together for some slow down time, brought to us by the heat of the summer, and an old air conditioning unit.  


  1. Gorgeous photos and a beautiful post, enjoy the rest of your week x