Monday, July 2, 2012

Month 3 of Knowing Heaven on Earth

It's official we have a little boy on our hands.  He is growing like a chubby weed.  Gaining weight and length he has become a strong lil' dude.  With each passing day he shows us just how wonderful his personality is.  When he is awake he is either studying the new world around him or laughing and cooing. 
He continues to be a good sleeper waking once in the night to eat and then again early in the morning.  He doesn't use his crying tool very often, and when he does we know he is tired or hungry.  Burping him has become a challenge because he wants to stand up and arch his back on us. 
The glimpse of his Daddy's face makes him smile to the point of laughing every morning when he wakes and again in the evening when he comes home.  
His favorite activities are reading books and playing with toys on his mat.  He has started holding on to toys and grabbing handfuls of mommy hair.  He can follow his noise making toys with his head and eyes.  He is still in size 1 diapers but is working hard to get out of them with his ever growing thighs.  Our clothes are now full fledged 0-3 months and some 3 month items too. 
He has also discovered that when a paci won't suffice, sucking on your fist can spice things up!  
We love you through and through Henry Boo.
One thing we know is you get to be more fun every day.  I look forward to you knocking our socks off with more fabulous fun this month.  Muah my sweet baby boy!

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad your post popped up on my facebook feed... this is the very sweetest thing, to be sure. =)

    Happy New Week to you and your cutie pa tootie.