Friday, May 23, 2014

20 Weeks -MLC

 Sweet baby girl, we are half way to our meeting point.   Your time inside me growing and moving has gone like a flash thus far.  Your daddy and I have had so much going on that life could seem heavy if we let it.  But there is so much to be happy about and so much to be thankful for and you are our little bright shining star in it all accompanied by your big wonderful brother. 
You have become more forceful with your kicks and punches, and have become quite the acrobat this month.  We had a little trip to check on you this week and boy was it wonderful to see your precious miracle body waving to us!   With every move you make you remind me of all that is good and wonderful in this God given life. 
Your big brother has sure been interested in you lately.  Asking to kiss, touch and even pick you up….(he attempted to pick up my belly, but told me I was to heavy) J
He can’t wait to see you and to show you how this big world works. 
We love you so very much MLC.  You’re a little sparkle of sunshine, now and always. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A big brother in the making.

You're already up for brother of the year award in my book.  You show all the care and concern a brother of a little sister should.  Recently your questions about where MLC is have become more frequent.  You request to feel her, and usually proceed with a hug or a kiss; you tell her goodnight in the sweetest of ways. 
You're learning to sing every song that you hear frequently, and I can just picture you serenading your sweet baby sister while rocking her in her bassinet.  (supervised of course). :)
You care for others, when I say ouch you always ask "Are you O.K. mama?".
By being your two worthy self your learning all the things I'm sure you'll tell her not to do; no doubt keeping her from the same fate you once endured of daily time outs.  (*wink and smile)

Yes you will be the older wiser big brother.  The one who picks flowers for her because you know the happiness they can create.  The one who tells her it will all be O.K. with a kiss.  You will be her playmate, her protector, her role model and entertainer. 
You corrected a passing stranger in the store the other day who commented that you were not a baby but a big boy; saying "I'm mommy's baby."  What an answer!  Yes it's true, and that you will always be.  My first born baby will soon take on a new role, and I think you will wear it well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Recap

 My first Mother's Day picture as the proud momma of two.  :)  I can't believe the sweetness and love that comes out of this boy.  He is the most amazing thing I've ever known.  I'm beyond happy to be watching him play and be 2 all while feeling the sweet rolls and kicks of a baby girl growing inside me. 
 I couldn't have had a better day.  Waking up to a Barry made breakfast, a church service with my boys, a big Miller family get together at Granny and Pepaws for the afternoon, and a sweet dinner with Don and Karen to celebrate.  It was the type of day that couldn't have packed more fun into it if we tried. 
So very thankful for a wonderful momma and wonderful mother in law to celebrate with!  Thanks Henry and MLC for making me a proud and happy mom, so happy to be a part of the club!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

18 weeks - MLC

 A growing baby girl.  :)  You make my heart smile whenever I think about you and what you will be like.  I feel you move and I get giddy.  Which is happening more often and with more force as you continue to grow.  Today I sat and watched as my belly moved, small repeated pushes outward and then two bigger bumps up.  I couldn't wipe the grin off my face, as I tried to picture the little legs and rump that were squirming around inside of me.  The size of a bell pepper this week, although I feel like your a little larger than that sweet girl.
So far I have not caved in to the temptation to go shopping crazy.  Partly because I'm not sure what to buy for girls.  ( I know it sounds strange) and partly because I'm afraid I'll jinx us and you'll somehow be a boy.  :)  But, this week I couldn't help myself and I picked up a few sweet little things for you.  You also received your very first gift, a gorgeous handmade blanket from the Frye family.  It matches the colors your nursery will be perfectly, and I can't wait to wrap you up in it.  Keep growing and moving my darling baby girl.  
Love Forever,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Unwrap the Sucker

I looked back tonight at the pictures I've grabbed here and there over the past few weeks and just couldn't help smiling.  I do not know how I have been given such an amazingly joyful child, all I can say is God loves us and sure knows how to show it!  I adore the thoughts that come to his head these days and the sweetness that poors from his heart.  The grocery store is not my favorite place to be and yet I sometimes feel like I live there.  But this little guy can take a Trader Joes visit and turn it into a fun adventure like experience.  From the singing we do up and down the aisles together to the excitement of getting a sucker from the bucket, he makes it special.  Children are such a great and constant reminder that little things, like the anticipation of a treat about to be devoured are worth dancing for. 

What sucker is God  waiting for you to unwrap today?  What little life treat should you dance and wiggle for? 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Bonnets or Buckets?

So we found out a bit of news...................
We decided over the weekend to go at 17 weeks to find out what are growing belly bump was holding inside.  Our doctor's office gives the option to find out starting at 16 weeks with a gender scan, and will only tell ya if they are 100% sure.  With the stresses of life seeming to pile on us lately we thought there was no better way to get a boost of happiness than to celebrate this baby.
Of course we wanted to make it a small celebration of fun so we invited our immediate family and a few of our closest friends.
For something this sweet I thought an ice cream party was the way to go.  It was perfect and simple with toppings for strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream; as well as a few sweet and salty treats Henry helped me create like pink/blue white chocolate dipped pretzels and chips.
Earlier that day we had taken Henry with us to the doctor and the three of us found out together what our joyous little blessing would be.  Then came the fun of revealing it to everyone else; and after counting the votes people were definitely leaning heavily towards a boy.
Bonnets or Buckets which one will it be, open the box to see!
 A sweet light pink bonnet wearing girl!  Our hearts are so full of excitement!  It couldn't have been a more fun surprise and we felt so thankful to have such sweet people to share the news with. 
We are so happy to have this darling little girl growing inside of me.  We were going to be excited either way the dice rolled but I'm tickled pink for these results!  

Glory to God in the highest!  He is the maker of all things good!